Széchenyi Spa, entrance without queues

Built in 1913 in neo-baroque style, the Széchenyi Spa is one of the most fascinating thermal baths in the world. Buying the advance ticket you will save the queues and you will be able to have an individual wardrobe.

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Széchenyi Spa, entrance without queues

Visiting one of the thermal baths in Budapest is an absolute must when you come to Hungary. Hungary is the third most thermal country in the world (after Iceland and New Zealand), so you should include a visit to a thermal bath at some point. In fact, Budapest is actually known as the 'City of Baths'.

It is the only capital in the world that has rich hot springs with healing properties. Budapest is in a mosaic of almost 125 hot springs. “Taking the waters” has been a part of daily life here since people walked around in togas. The type of bathroom you choose is a matter of taste and what exactly you are looking for.

Széchenyi Spa  

Whether it's fun, a hangover cure, or relief for something more serious, here are the essential tips to keep in mind when planning a visit to the baths at the Széchenyi Spa in Budapest.

The opening hours and who are welcome depend on the day of the week and the time. Many bathrooms now open at night during the weekend. Some of the bathrooms look a bit rough around the edges, but they are clean. The water is constantly changing. However, you might consider wearing a pair of plastic sandals or flip flops because the floors can get very slippery.

A look inside

The design of most of the Széchenyi Spa baths is similar. A series of indoor thermal pools, where temperatures vary from warm to hot. They have steam rooms, saunas, ice plunge pool and massage rooms. Some have outdoor pools with fountains, sprays and whirlpools. Being thermal, some are open all year.

In the days of a single sex or in sections of people of the same sex, men usually wear loincloths with laces and women who are dressed in aprons. Although the use of swimsuits is increasing, even in the days of a single sex.

You must wear a swimsuit. These are available to be rented if you do not have your own. Some pools require that even men wear a bathing cap. Bring yours or use the disposable plastic supplied or sold.

The outdoor pools

In the outer part of the spa you will find three wonderful swimming pools. These are very large, of an ideal average depth, but above all very warm. Two of them have an average temperature of 35 ° C, the third is a little cooler (like of 27 ° C). When you visit these pools in a cold season are an enjoyment to the senses, the warmth welcomes the body with a grace that allows you to relax.

The mixture of thermal water and swimming pools is great for families with children or teenagers, because each member can enjoy the waters that they like the most. Adults prefer to take advantage of the benefits of thermal water and the younger ones have fun in the pools.



Important information

  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Includes:Priority entry to the Széchenyi Spa.
  • When to reserve: reservations are allowed until the 18: 00 of the same day (Budapest time) as long as there are seats left.
  • Cancellation: non refundable. This activity does not allow cancellations.


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