Tour of the Game of Thrones stages

Enter the capital of the Seven Kingdoms on this tour of the corners of Dubrovnik that have been scenarios of Game of Thrones. You will discover how it is King's landing in the real world.


Spanish · 2 hours

Live a unique experience and portray incredible moments with the beautiful landscapes of game of Thrones. And what better way to do it than with a tour of the Game of Thrones scenarios.

Tour of the Game of Thrones scenarios: What is it about?

Surely you are passionate about the famous series of kings, castles and fighting. This tour of the Game of Thrones scenarios It allows you an extraordinary view of the landscapes of the series.

To live the experience to the fullest, the tours will be short but full of beautiful scenery. In an hour and a half you will feel like a whole golden cloak of game of thrones.

And if this is not enough, you will walk through the place where Lannister they say goodbye to Myrcella.

You can also simulate the scene in the same place that the crowd attacks against Joffrey when he goes to the Red fortress.

If you really want to belong to a Game of Thrones reign, during this tour guide you will meet the Fort of San Lorenzo, where the epic moment of the Young King's Name tournament took place.

The journey through the Game of Thrones landscapes when viewing the walls where Tyrion He talked very well and thought of his plans.

A place that, without a doubt, you have to know, are the steps to the Great Septo de Baelor, place where the King Tommen dialogues with the Supreme Sparrow.

To make this experience more real, we will walk through Dubrovnik. We will share curious facts about the filming of the entire production of Game of Thrones.

Another plus that you can enjoy will be to contrast how the scenarios look in the series versus real life. Cheer up, it will be a incredible experience!

Important notes about the Game of Thrones tour

  • There is some restricciones to perform this tour. In these places there are many stairs, so it is not advised that pregnant women take the tour, as well as people in wheelchairs.
  • La entrance to the Fort of San Lorenzo is not included in the rate.

Rates and general prices

Feel that you are part of the Game of Thrones scenes It has a reasonable price. The tour is totally in Spanish. However, consider that the price from September 30 will be different.

In addition to this, a tour package includes a counselor that speaks perfectly Spanish. At all times you will hear part of the history de Game of Thrones and the description of his scenes in Spanish.

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Details of the most passionate tour for series lovers

We know what intrigues you how the experience, from how you book the entrance to the entire development of the tour.

Yes, reserve the ticket very simple and fast. We recommend you ask the availability so you can guarantee your visit on holidays.

Check in the calendar the dates of the next tour of the Game of Thrones scenarios. However, make the reservation guiding you from Dubrovnik's schedule (until 10: 00 hours) provided there are tickets left. Remember that the point es Dubrovnik Walks.

The most typical tour doubt

Can you walk the walls during the tour?

No. You can only view them from a tour point. If you want to visit them you must do it in a particular way.




Important information

  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Languages: The tour is done exclusively in Spanish.
  • Included: Spanish speaking guide.
  • Not included: entrance to the fort of San Lorenzo.
  • When to reserve: Book as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially on bridges and holidays. Reservations are allowed until 10: 00 same day hours (Dubrovnik time) provided there are places left.
  • Cancellation: Free! Cancel without charges until 24 hours before the activity. If you cancel with less time or do not show up, no refund will be offered.


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