Excursion to Washington DC

In this one day tour we will visit the capital of the United States to see the White House, the Capitol, the Arlington Cemetery, the Washington Monument and many other places of interest.

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Spanish · 15 hours

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Excursion to Washington DC

When leaving behind the city of New York, we head south towards the capital of the United States, Washington DC.

What to see on the trip to Washington DC?

We will begin our tour in the Arlington Cemetery. It is a military cemetery built on land near the Potomac River that belonged to the Confederate General Robert E. Lee during the war of succession.

In this place you can see the tombs of the four Kennedy brothers, the monuments to the victims of the space shuttle Challenger, dedicated to the flight crew STS-51-L, that the 28 of January of 1986 died during the launch of the ship .

Museums and historical monuments worthy of admiration in the trip to Washington DC

To continue we will pass through the Iwo Jima monument, the war memorial of the United States Marine Corps. This consists of a military commemorative statue located on the outskirts of the Arlington National Cemetery. Its design is based on the photography of Iwo Jima raising the flag.

Next, we will arrive at the National Mall. This is an outdoor area defined as a national park and located in the center of the city. It is a zone of gardens surrounded by different museums, national monuments and memorials.

The National Mall is defined as the land that goes from the Washington Monument to the Capitol. However, the term is also used for the areas of the West Potomac Park and the constitution gardens. It is often also used to mark the area between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol.

Excursion to Washington DC, city full of history and security of the nation

Next, on our tour we will pass through the Federal Reserve and the Washington Monument. This monument is also known as the Great Obelisk and was built in honor of the first president of the United States. The memorial of the Second World War will also be present on our tour.

We will travel through the headquarters of the OAS, the International Red Cross and we will arrive at the White House (official residence and main work center of the president of the United States), the ideal place to take unforgettable photographs. As a curious fact, in the surroundings of the White House, Mrs. Conchita lived for decades in a tent, as a protest measure for the manufacture and use of nuclear weapons.

We will visit the Capitol from the outside, the building that houses the two chambers of the Congress of the United States. It is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. We will pass through the Ford Theater (scene of the assassination of former President Lincoln) and the headquarters of the FBI.

We will finish the tour at the National Air and Space Museum, which contains the largest collection of aircraft and spacecraft in the world. In addition, it is a research center on the history, science and technology of aviation and space flight, as well as planetary sciences, terrestrial geology and geophysics. Almost all the objects exhibited in it are originals or faithful copies of the originals (for objects that are under reserve).




Important information

  • Duration: 15 hours.
  • Languages: The tour is done exclusively in Spanish.
  • Includes: discount, Spanish speaking guide, bus transportation
  • When to reserve: reservations are allowed until the 22: 00 of the previous day (New York time) as long as there are seats left.
  • Cancellation: Free! Cancel without charges until 48 hours before the activity. If you cancel with less time or do not show up, no refund will be offered.


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