Tourism around the world: the best experiences for an unforgettable vacation


Going on vacation is a way to disconnect from the problems that plague our minds every day. To do this, we look for adventures in places far from our home in order to fully enjoy the most wonderful corners of the world -in and outside of Spain-. In this vein, if we pay attention to the tourism sector, we soon realize that we have a wide range of options that will more than satisfy our expectations for our free weeks. Therefore, if you still have vacations, nothing like evaluating the various alternatives that you have at your fingertips.

Camino de Santiago, what you should take into account

The Camino de Santiago is a centuries-old tradition that gathers a large number of pilgrims every year who, departing from different parts of Spain -or even Europe-, they set out on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Consequently, if you have always wanted to do this route, you must first know the aspects to take into account on the road.

The first decision, once you know from where you are going to start the Camino, is the way to travel it. The vast majority of people choose to do it on foot; however, the bike is just as enriching. Likewise, you should know the accommodations for pilgrims, staying in those hostels and shelters designed for the route.

On the other hand, since it is a process designed to revitalize the spirit and purge the body, it is best to abandon technology as much as possible. Only you, your circle and nature matter, living a tourist experience to the fullest that will take you through the most beautiful landscapes of the peninsula.

Rural tourism, trend in Spain

Although it is true that rural tourism is a concept that is not innovative, at present it has been renewed to orient itself to a more ecological point of view. In this way the farm stays in Spain, which lead us to the natural points of the country to make us feel close to the power of the environment.

Unlike traditional rural tourism accommodation, those of ecotourism and agrotourism have various hiking activities that will make us connect with nature. Experiences in which sustainability stands as a fundamental value.

Ibiza, Majorca, Catalonia, Asturias or Navarra are just some of the many regions that have welcomed this trend And, given the need for planet Earth to change tourist saturation, we are faced with one of the most responsible options for traveling.

Essential services to travel to Mexico

Dream accommodations in Yucatán

Organizing a trip to Mexico is one of the most enriching ideas that we can get to expose ourselves to and, During this planning, Yucatan will undoubtedly be part of your priority list. In this sense, evaluate the best hotels in Coba Yucatan It seems like a truly smart decision.

Coba is the cradle of the Mayan culture and, given its proximity to the Caribbean Sea, the cenotes and its large volume of hiking activities To carry out, it has been established as a must-see for tourists. Some tourists who, how could it be otherwise, are looking for first-class accommodations.

In this order of ideas, the Aldea Coba hotel stands out above the rest, which has high-level facilities, endless promotional packages with experiences incorporated into the hotel reservation and luxury services such as the spa or gourmet cuisine. Aspects that make vacations in Mexico the experience you always dreamed of.

Book private transportation to the airport

Tourist saturation is a characteristic feature of Mexico And, unfortunately, this results in a drastic problem when it comes to going on vacation in peace. However, we can anticipate this situation and, for this, nothing like hiring a cancun shuttle with the best companies.

This private transport service makes us avoid all the taxi queues at the airport so that, as soon as we set foot on Mexican soil, we have a vehicle to leave the place and go to the hotel we have reserved.Safety, efficiency, comfort and savings are just some of the advantages of hiring a transfer service in advance in regions like Cancun. An action that we carry out weeks before taking the flight and that will make us feel all the peace we deserve during the holidays.

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