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Excursion to Auschwitz-Birkenau

    Excursion to Auschwitz-Birkenau If there is an essential visit on a trip to Poland that is Auschwitz-Birkenau. In this tour we will discover the spooky history of the countryside ...

Excursion to the Wieliczka Salt Mines

    Excursion to the Wieliczka Salt Mines More than 300 kilometers of galleries, amazing underground lakes and hundreds of rooms decorated with sculptures and ...

Free tour of Krakow Free!

    Free tour of Krakow Free! Let yourself be seduced by the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance buildings of the old town of Krakow and discover why ...

Free tour of the Jewish quarter of Krakow Free!

Free tour of the Jewish district of Krakow Free! Delve into Polish Jewish culture by joining our free tour of Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter ...

Offer: Auschwitz + Salt mines in a day

Offer: Auschwitz + Salt mines in a day Auschwitz concentration camps and Wieliczka Salt Mines are essential visits ...

Guided tour of the Schindler factory

Guided tour of the Schindler factory The German businessman Schindler risked his life to save his Jewish employees from concentration camps ....

Tours & Excursions in Krakow

If you want to enjoy a different tour and excursions, nothing better than visiting Krakow. In this unique country you can make tours that not only feed your tourist vein, but will delve into the history of the world.  

To start the adventure in Krakow you have to visit places considered by many as the most ominous on earth, Auschwitz. For this, you can take the Excursion to Auschwitz-Birkenau or the Offer: Auschwitz + Salt Mines in one day. The tour begins in the Auschwitz I, which was to keep political prisoners captive. There, the Prison Blocks where the Hunger Cells, the Gas chambers and Crematories.

Then you will go through the Auschwitz II, which was termed as the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem" There you will contemplate the ruins of the hostels, Toilets, Railwaysplatforms, Ash Deposit, Crematories and Gas chambers.

To leave behind those feelings of desolation and sadness, we must take the Excursion to the Wieliczka Salt Mines. In this peculiar place you will discover about twenty decorated rooms, some pretty underground lakes, plus sculptures and bas-reliefs made in different types of salt blocks.

The different tools used by the workers of that time will also be appreciated. But the most striking point of the tour is the Chapel of St. Kinga. It is a majestic room of more than 50 meters of built length and decorated entirely in salt.

Another interesting tour to perform is the Free tour of Krakow Free! The journey begins through the beautiful streets of Old Town (Old City) until you reach the Marketplace. This square has two emblematic points of the city, the Basilica of Santa María as well as the Cloth Hall.

Between the streets of the Stare Miasto you can see the traces of the medieval era, an example of this is the Barbican as well as the Door of San Florián (main entrance to the extinct walled city). They will also contemplate the Tower of the Old Town Hall, Church of San Pedro and San Pablo, as well as the Wawel Castle. These are places full of myths and legends that will make the tour more interesting and nourished.

If you are one of the people who saw the spectacular Steven Spielberg movie "Schindler's List", you will surely want to know more about this character. For many he was one of the few Germans with a conscience at a time where many lacked it.

La Guided tour of the Schindler factory It is an excellent way to learn a little more about this man and how he did to save the lives of more than a thousand Jewish citizens. How he was able to be ruined for protecting his employees from the greatest massacre of mankind. The factory has now been converted into a museum. In it you can see the different rooms that made up the factory, the different workshops and offices that were occupied by the Jews to carry out their daily work.

Today each of these places has photographic and auditory samples from the congregation of Jews that were kept safe there. You can appreciate the skills that Schindler did to keep his workers alive. But the most important thing is to witness how someone who started with a somewhat selfish idea (hiring Jews for cheap labor) ends up becoming a protector for them.

You can also learn more about the Jewish culture and people through the Free tour of the Jewish quarter of Krakow Free! This tour will allow you to move around the streets of the old Jewish ghetto that lived so much misery. You will discover the hidden beauty of Kazimiers, a town that has a vast representation of Jewish architecture. It has a large number of synagogues to its credit, among which the Isaac's Synagogue, Kupa Synagogue, Wysoka Synagogue, Stara Synagogue as well as the Remuh Synagogue.

During this tour you will see the waters of the river Vistula and will cross the magnificent Bridge of love or Bernatek. This bridge has a length of 130 meters and is designed to be traveled on foot or by bike. It has an aerodynamic design that is complemented by the wiring and metallic figures that make it up, these can move along with the bridge thanks to the action of the wind. At night it is a show thanks to the beautiful lighting it has.

All these tours and tours allow you to know from different points of view the history, culture and transition of a country that was framed for a long time by misery and human destruction. It is an example of overcoming for the world.


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