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There is a belief or misconception among many tourists that in Europe we can only practice 2 types of tourism. Cultural tourism in the great European capitals and sun and beach tourism on the coasts of the southern countries of the continent. In this way many people consider Europe a too "civilized" place to practice adventure sports in the middle of nature or to practice certain activities of active tourism. In fact, television always shows us people practicing this type of sports in the most remote places on the planet, in places such as South America or Southeast Asia.

Personally, after spending several years traveling in Europe with , I have convinced myself that this perception that we have some people, at least in Spain, is wrong.

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Europe is a continent full of attractions for lovers of adventure travel. In all countries we can find areas of wild nature and areas little traveled by humans. Many of these places are located in mountain areas. The Pyrenees between France and Spain, The Picos de Europa in our country that have great fame among hiking enthusiasts and other modalities such as trekking, The Alps in Switzerland and northern Italy, The Black Forest in Germany or La Cordillera de the Balkans that gives name to the region and that crosses several of the so-called Balkan countries, such as Bulgaria and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. In the British Isles we can also find very interesting trails. In the north, for those who are most resistant to the cold, we have high difficulty trails in Norway.

In addition to still having large areas of wild nature, Europe gives us, above all, EU nationals other very interesting advantages that will make our trips easier and more comfortable, so that we can focus on what really matters to us, which is the activity that we are going to carry out. The transport system and communications are more developed in Europe than in other continents and the available services are very varied and we can find them in any population no matter how small (for example a cashier), this is one of the main advantages. Therefore, getting to the foot of Mont Blanc or any other mountain or secluded place for hiking, climbing or any other activity is much easier in Europe than in other continents.

For the nationals of the European Union there are more advantages, for example the Euro, which will mean that we do not have to worry about the exchange of currency. Health is also important when we travel abroad, especially if we are going to practice active tourism or adventure sports, in this sense in Europe our European health card will be enough to be taken care of in any hospital center without any cost and in equal conditions. than any citizen of that country. Another very important issue is the security of the destination. In the countries of the European Union there are quite high levels of political stability, security and social peace (despite the recent events that have occurred because of the economic crisis), in countries outside the EU this is not so common .

When traveling in Europe we can do it on our own, either by contracting separately hotels and means of transport, looking for ourselves how to get to those secluded places, or backpacking hostel without planning the stays or using an agency of travel that offers us a combined package. If you are a backpacker, we recommend you travel in the spring and summer months, which is when you will make the best time. In the case of choosing a travel agency we recommend that you use an agency specialized in adventure travel and specifically in the activity that you are going to develop and the destination in which you will develop it.

In many of the places we go to, it is advisable to have the help of a local guide. In countries mainly in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, such as Bulgaria, where knowledge of English and Spanish is scarce even in the most tourist areas so, especially in our first visits, it is good to have a local guide that speaks the language of the country.

Here are some of the best places in Europe to make adventure trips.

The Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria is part of the Balkan mountain system that occupies a large part of the country. It stands out for having a great variety of ecosystems and for its large water reserves. It is one of the least frequented areas by tourists, which has an additional charm. It has a wide variety of trails of all difficulties.

"The House of the Giants "of Norway comprises a mountainous area of ​​more than 3500 square km belonging to the Scandinavian mountainous system. In this area we can find the highest peaks in Norway. The Jotunheimen National Park is also located in the area.

Route of the Valley of Tarn in France, one of the best known routes, and that is why it has lost part of its previous charm to be always crowded with tourists, despite this is highly recommended for natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

The Swiss mountains where the trails are characterized by high altitude. Its mountainous landscapes are the most spectacular, and we will only see mountains wherever we look. The main routes pass through cities such as Grindenwald or Lenk in the vicinity of Zurich.

The Picos de Europa in Spain, one of the best known places in our country for hiking lovers. Its trails through the mountains cover several autonomous communities. Account with rural hotels along their routes where to be able to spend the night and to take forces for the walk of the following day.

The Black Forest in Germany, wild nature in the heart of Europe, is an ideal region to do all kinds of excursions and to practice all kinds of adventure sports. The region called Black Forest comprises from the Rhine River in the east, to the Karlsruhe region in Switzerland.

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