Travel guide of the Cerler ski resort in Spain: everything essential and essential


Travel guide of the ski resort of Cerler in Spain: everything basic and essential.

Cerler is a ski resort located in Huesca that has had a lot of impact for several years and is that people who like snow and be surrounded by the ski resorts are an ideal passage to spend a few days on vacation with the family, the couple or a group of friends.

In the province of Huesca we find several very important ski resorts that we will be talking about in this space over the next few days but this time we have focused on Cerler as we have said, is one of the most interesting we can find in the city.

First and as we always said, the most important thing when going to any destination that we like is to know where it is. Whenever we want to find a ski resort we should know where it is located in order to get there as soon as possible.

Where is Cerler? 

As we have already anticipated the ski resort of Cerler is in Huesca and it is usually very busy although not only this, but all those that are concentrated in the province. If you are passing through Huesca for some reason you may want to ski or practice some snow sport on this site.

Located in the Aragonese Pyrenees to reach it we must have specialized transport, although in the town we can get there by car, once we have climbed the mountain it is very important that we know that we will find slopes and snow everywhere, so we have to be cautious.

What facilities are there in Cerler? 

There are many activities that we can do in the ski resort of Cerler because, as we have said before we find a place that is gaining popularity every month and the snow sports that we can do are many and varied.

In the first place, the station, like any other, is comprised of different areas that are gaining in difficulty and in which each of them has something characteristic that differentiates it from the previous one.

The station of Cerler differs in zones separated by difficulty and we have four types of different tracks. First of all, the green area that is the least dangerous and you can almost always find all its tracks open to the black areas that are the most dangerous and therefore in which we must be more careful because we could suffer an accident but we are expert skiers or we are not accompanied by someone who knows.

Almost all ski resorts are characterized by the same and in Cerler we have very well defined and separated areas.

What can we do in Cerler? 

As in any other ski resort that we know besides seeing snow everywhere and being able to ski we have many other activities with which we can enjoy snow like never before, in fact, not all people who come to a ski resort know how to ski or They are good at snow sports.

Skiing by the station of Cerler in Huesca, Spain
Skiing through the Cerler station in Huesca, Spain © L. Bouvier -

Ambassadors of Cerler: a ski resort with as much renown in Huesca as it is Cerler has some ambassadors who are worthy connoisseurs of everything that is their land and will gladly show you all the corners of it. A route guided by Cerler is the perfect way to get to know the station and to be able to enjoy it on a stretch with it.

Chair of Love: as we said before, to go to a ski resort, we do not need to know how to ski. It is true that whenever we think of a ski resort we would like to be able to go from one place to another with our clubs instead, many people do not even know how to pick them up. The chairlift of love is a perfect activity for those who do not know how to do snow sports but instead, seek to enjoy the experience of spending a few days on a snowy mountain.

Snow rackets: another interesting activity for those people who do not know how to ski are snowshoes because with them, we can enjoy everything that snow offers us whatever our level or knowledge in snow sports. A snowshoeing route through the entire Cerler station is great to get to know the area much better and get away with it. Nature lovers will have a great reference in this experience to talk about the emotions of the snow.

Ski schools: so much to talk about those people who go to the snow without knowing how to ski makes us remember that we have like any other ski resort, professionals who give us lessons so that we can learn or accompany us so that we can have a more direct contact with the snow . The ski schools are ideal for those who want to learn something because we have professionals of all levels.

Where to sleep in Cerler?

Once we know everything we can do in the ski resort of Cerler we will have to know the different places where we have the option to sleep in case we go more than a day then, we need to know where we can stay.

As a general rule, as with any other ski resort in Cerler we have different spaces in which we can sleep for example, hotels, hostels, rural houses and similar that are even located within the station itself and this makes us get up every tomorrow having the landscape as snow.

In the surroundings of Cerler we also have different houses or establishments with rooms to sleep on especially because it is known that here not only do people come to enjoy the snow and the activities that we can do, but also, we have many young people who go to the higher seasons to look for work because they are almost always requesting new personnel in all the ski resorts of Huesca. On the official website, you have a section called "employment" which is where you find all the information and the places where you can take the CV.

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