Barcelona: everything you should know


Barcelona: guide with the most important things to see, its beaches and the best activities to do.

Barcelona It is one of the most important cities in Spain. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, its land stands out among other things, for being one of the most cosmopolitan places we know today and one of the most effective financial centers in the world.

The streets of the City of Barcelona they are plagued by people of all ethnicities, origins, cultures and customs and, in part, this has been what has enriched a good part of the Catalan territory.

At present, it is still one of the most outstanding tourist spots and equally, one of the most visited cities.

La cultural offer What Barcelona has is unparalleled and if you are enthusiastic about galleries, modern art and industrial streets without a doubt, this is your place.

The works of Joan Miró and Antonio Gaudí can be appreciated throughout the environment where each piece of the area evokes the history of the city.
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What can I see in Barcelona?

As we have said, if you are a person who likes art in Barcelona, ​​you will enjoy a lot. All its streets are full of important buildings, monuments and museums that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Sometimes baptized as a cradle of modernism in Barcelona, ​​you will find great works of classical and historical culture combined with the most attractive modern art of the moment.

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​Spain
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​Spain - © MasterLu -

If we focus on the constructions we have to do with name and surname of course we can not miss The Holy Family. La Sagrada Familia It is one of the maximum constructions of modern Catalan architecture so much so that, today, it is one of the most important and most visited monuments in the world.

Started by Antonio Gaudí at 1882 this architectural marvel is still under construction (it is said that the definitive works will have their end in the middle of 2014 date for which an increase in tourism in the area is expected) and belongs to the well-known heritage of the UNESCO.

Located in the heart of Barcelona La Sagrada Familia, it has countless visits throughout the year. If you approach, you will see on the outside crowd of tourists taking pictures or recording videos around them. Right at the entrance of the monument, you have an information stand where you can take a small map of the city to be oriented.

El Park Güell: another of the wonders that we can find in Barcelona, ​​is this park that, built on the heights, is part of the important legacy of the city. Also designed and built by Antonio Gaudí Park Güell is another work of modernist character then raised for businessman Eusebi Güell and today belongs to the World Heritage.


Antonio Gaudí immersed himself in this labyrinthine construction between the years 1900 and 1914. Gardens, courtyards and an incredible square in the heart of the park are some of the things we will find.

This park is collapsed by tourists especially, at the height of Dragon of the Staircase where there are people of all kinds wanting to take a picture (surely you have to wait long lines to take yours) Around the park, you can walk and discover all its corners. You can also enjoy spontaneous performances that make performances of all kinds.

These are two of the most important buildings of the city of Barcelona and that certainly, you can not miss. On the other hand, walking the length and breadth of the city is a unique experience, as the streets of this territory are full of magic and things to discover.

El Market of the Boquería for example, it is another indispensable stop. Located in the tourist and working center of the city in this market, you can find all kinds of gastronomy: its fruit shakes stand out right at the entrance of the market that you can buy to drink during the visit.

In this market, you will find all kinds of tourists who want to take something typical of the place for their homes as a souvenir but also, a large number of inhabitants of the area who come every morning to the market to take the best products. You can not lose this!

Video Guide of the City of Barcelona

Video provided by Rubén Alonso, you can see more about his videos on his YouTube channel: Rubén Alonso


What are the best neighborhoods in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city that stands out for the orientation of its neighborhoods and its streets. Tourist center where they are here, you can find all kinds of people who come and go throughout the territory. Next, we want to give a brief review of the districts of obligatory visit in Barcelona:

Panoramic of the center of Barcelona, ​​Spain
Overview of the center of Barcelona, ​​Spain - © Vitalez -

Grace neighborhood: it is one of the most characteristic that can be found especially in its communication with it, the Paseo de Gracia, a large avenue where we will find all kinds of shops, restaurants and activities to do in the big city. The Casa Batlló stands out because of the aforementioned Antonio Gaudí at 1887 and who is currently also recognized as a UNESCO heritage from the 2005.

Raval neighborhood: this neighborhood is one of the most important and also the busiest in the city. It is located in the center of Barcelona and as such, it is full of shops and people from all over the world. In the big square, we find a giant cat of modern design that is the place of stay for all those who do not know the city. Say of this neighborhood that it is important to keep an eye on our belongings while we walk because spontaneous pickpockets are often present.

As we can see, in Barcelona, ​​we can do almost everything, since it is a very cosmopolitan place with great repercussion in its streets, we can also enjoy the wide gastronomy thanks to a good selection of bars and restaurants that are spread throughout and width of the whole city.

We can not forget the places of visit that we find in its streets, such as the Museum of Art of Catalonia, Picasso Museum or Maritime Museum among others, for those who like art and history and want to know more about the city without a doubt, it will be a discovery.

On the other hand, we must not miss the great visit to the aquarium of Barcelona or the zoo, an ideal place that we can go with our children.

Whatever you are looking for in Barcelona, ​​you will find a space tailored to your needs, since in the big city you can also visit the best neighborhoods, get to know the culture of the place, go out shopping or go to all parties, under the spell of the same place.

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