Bilbao: Essential Guide

View of the estuary and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain
View of the estuary and the Guggenheim museum Bilbao, Spain - © vuduchild -


Bilbao: guide with the most important things to see and the best activities to do.

Bilbao can boast of being one of the cities with the greatest charm in Spain.

His province Vizcaya also contains a lot of enthusiasm and has good reasons to get lost in an extensive visit to its surroundings.

In Bilbao you can do many things and without a doubt it is a region that you have to see and explore thoroughly at least once in your life.

Not only the city has a peculiar charm but also is surrounded by villages that are a real wonder and that would stay in the heart of anyone.

From here we tell you that Bilbao is a place to stay.

Do you want to know more details about one of the most spectacular cities in the north of Spain?

How to get to Bilbao?

As in every day that we are writing in this space it is important that we know what we can see in the destination we are going to visit but it is also important to know how we can reach those destinations.

In the case of Bilbao we have the classic routes that we all know well: the train, the bus, the plane and we can also go by car making a route.

Each and every one of these options that we have here depend a lot on the part in which we find ourselves. If we are in the vicinity of Bilbao, it may be convenient for us to go by car or take a short trip on a paid transport, but if we come from the South or even from outside the country, perhaps what interests us most is the plane.

Everything is a matter of taste!

Once we know the ways we have to get to Bilbao, we will now move on to what we are all interested in when we go to visit somewhere. What can we see?

What are the things we can not miss from Bilbao?

Market of the Ribera de Bilbao, Spain
Ribera Market in Bilbao, Spain - © ALCE -

As we have said in the beginning Bilbao is a city that is worth seeing from one end to the other but it may be the case that we are for a limited time or that we want to go to more places and we have to stay like this only with what more we think that we will like or interest in general. In that case in this guide we have made a small list of things that we can not miss.

El Guggenheim MuseumWithout a doubt, it is one of the essential stops we have to make in our visit to Bilbao. The Guggenheim Museum is one of the largest representations of modern art today and one of the most important museums in Spain.

The content of the museum is unusual and we must enter to see it, since in its interior there are hundreds of works of contemporary art ideal for those who like this movement. However, the infrastructure with which it is created can be seen from the outside and we assure you that it is a true architectural work that we can not miss.

Ribera Market: every city worth its salt has a renowned market and Bilbao was not going to be less. The Ribera market is a great meeting point for customers and merchants who come to get the best of meats, sins and legumes, among other foods. It is very common to see a good number of tourists in the area, as they seek to take home some of the typical products of the Basque Country as well as eat in the surroundings where there are great bars to enjoy good tapas.

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Stadium San Mames: maybe that first, if you don't like sports and especially football, this place lacks interest. However, if you dare to visit the impressive Athletic Club de Bilbao stadium, you will know why we have placed it on our list of things to see on our visit to Bilbao.

This new stadium San Mames has a category considered up to five stars and therefore can boast of being one of the most spectacular stadiums that we can find throughout Spain. In the case that you like football you can not waste the opportunity to watch a game.

Museum of Fine Arts: second museum that we include in our list of things that we have to see in our visit to Bilbao and that is that this museum is one of the most complete in the city. It is very famous for the amount of collections of works of art that are in it and also the sporadic collections that come to it that make it have occasional visits from connoisseurs and scholars of art. It is one of the most important museums in the entire Basque Country.

There are many other areas that we can visit in Bilbao but if we were to be alone with the ones that most represent the city without a doubt, they are the ones we have cited and explained in the list.

Where can I eat in Bilbao?

City Council of Bilbao, Spain
Bilbao City Council, Spain - © Lsantilli -

One of the most enjoyable activities that you are going to do if you are visiting the city of Bilbao is to eat or rather, "go for pintxos". The normal thing is that when we go to a destination we are also interested in their food and where to eat in the same in Bilbao the traditional thing is to eat of pintxos and to sit down in the terraces to drink a cold beer accompanying the appetizer.

There are many bars and restaurants where you can go to eat and taste the typical foods of the city. If you are in the center of it you will find many terraces where you can eat at all hours of the day. You can not leave Bilbao without making a pintxo route!

As we can see, there are many things that we can do in Bilbao and many areas that we can visit therefore, if you are thinking about a good destination to give yourself a holiday or even in this bridge that enters the truth is that Bilbao and the whole Basque Country is worth a visit well detailed. Are you going to miss it?

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  1. I really want to go to Bilbao. I have been to the Basque Country only once and it was for the U2 concert in Donosti. The truth is that I was fascinated by the city and I have the impression that Bilbao is going to be even better.

    Not to mention the wonderful world of pintxos. They lose me. 🙂

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