Brussels: guide with the best things to visit and the best activities to do.

Grand Place, Brussels
Grand Place, Brussels - © dadothedude -


Brussels is an excellent city, where you can also find the best chocolate or you can drink the best beers from around the world.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, it is also the European capital. This city is responsible for gathering all the characteristics of a metropolis, together with the tranquility and peace offered by the quieter cities.

Its essence is modern with classic touches, and in its streets in addition to charm there is also history.

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How to get to Brussels?

Due to its importance as the capital of the European Union, Brussels It has become one of the best communicated cities in Europe. Fortunately, it has air and rail routes with the main cities of the continent. By plane: In Brussels there are two international airports, so there is no problem in finding a flight to get to the city. These airports are:

  • Charleroi AirportThis is located approximately one hour from Brussels, exactly 55 kilometers south of the city. This site is preferred by low cost airlines. Its advantages and disadvantages would be like those of any airport of similar dimensions, since being so small it is boring, but as a counterpart, all the processes that are done here are very fast.
  • Brussels Airportalso called Zaventem Airport, which is the name of the town where it is located. Its construction began in World War II, when the country was occupied by Nazis.

By train: This is the ideal option for travelers who are traveling all over Europe and who travel from cities such as Amsterdam. Generally the travel time ranges between one hour and three hours, depending on the departure site. In the same way, this transport is often used to reach other cities in Belgium. In coche: If you are animated enough and want to know everything more accurately, the car can be a good option.

What places should you visit in Brussels?

There are places and essential places in this city, for this reason we have prepared a list for you to take into account.

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Among the best sites, and those that can not be missed if you travel to Brussels, are:

  • Grand Place: This is the most famous, interesting, and above all, photographed place of Brussels. It has a large number of buildings that have a fascinating architecture, becoming the most beautiful in Europe.
  • Manneken Pis: There is a great legend behind him. Its dimensions mean that, in most cases, it goes unnoticed. This place and sculpture make it become a symbol of Brussels.
  • Atomium: It was designed as the symbol and main pavilion of the Universal Exhibition of Brussels in the 1958 year. This great atom, which has a height of 102 meters, has become a reference image of the Belgian capital.
  • Courthouse: its construction ended in the year 1883, and at that time, this was the largest building in the world.
  • Royal Palace: the kings no longer reside in this place, but the Royal Palace of Brussels continues to be the seat of the constitutional monarchy of Belgium.
  • Brussels Cathedral: This is officially known as the Cathedral of San Miguel and Santa Gúdula.
  • The Sacred Heart Basilica: its construction has an Art Deco style and has 89 meters in height and 167 in length. It ranks number five among the largest churches in the world.
  • Brussels Park: better known as the Royal Park. In the past it was a royal hunting lodge, but today it is a place of recreation for the inhabitants of this city.
  • Mini Europe: It has near 350 scale models made to an 1 / 25 scale. This place allows to know more of 80 cities of Europe in a couple of hours.
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Brussels
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Brussels - © chrisdorney -

What are the means of transport in Brussels?

Although the public transport of this city is efficient, in certain occasions the fact of using trams or buses can be a true odyssey.

The way to transport in Brussels can be possible through the following means.

  • Meter: In some moments the network remains somewhat scarce, however the subway allows the arrival to the main (or majority) of the centers of interest of the city.
  • Trolley car: this means has dozens of lines that reach the most remote areas of the entire city. This network is one of the most extensive in the world.
  • Bus: in the day you can use the metro or the tram, but at night it is recommended to use the bus, since it is the safest way to go back home.

What can you eat in Brussels?

The Royal Palace of Brussels
The Royal Palace of Brussels - © Kartouchken -

Due to its proximity to France, the gastronomy of Belgium is quite varied, wide and rich. Among the traditional dishes are:

  • Mussels with chips: This is the dish par excellence, and its consumption can range from simple 500 grams to 1 kilogram. It is usually accompanied by different sauces.
  • Stewed meat in beer: Contrary to what you may think, it has no taste of alcohol, and is accompanied by chips.
  • Waterzooi: It is a chicken or fish stew with vegetables.

Shopping in Brussels

Brussels is not considered as the 'common' city for shopping, although fortunately it offers many possibilities and different typical products that are ideal.
Among these products, chocolate stands out, which is one of the best known in the world, and above all, delicious. There is also the Belgian beer, and is often found in a variety of supermarkets.

Another product that is often seen are comics, since there are hundreds of stores in the Belgian city that specialize in this subject. In fact, in the Comic Museum you can find books and stickers of our favorite hero, of course they can also be bought.

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