Cáceres: Essential Guide

Panoramic night of Cáceres, Spain
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Cáceres: guide with the most important things to see and the best activities to do.

Caceres It has one of the most beautiful old towns that exist in the whole Spanish panorama. Located in the community of Extremadura the city of Cáceres can boast of being one of the busiest, visited and above all, loved by those who live or are there. Do you want to know much more about the city of Cáceres?

The city of Cáceres is the province of Extremadura and, in it, we can find very nice streets and many things to see. In this city, we have a huge historical heritage that is what, among other things, gives a very particular color to the site. Highlights especially the alleys and alleys that make up the entire old town that respond to a medieval legacy of the most interesting.// //

How can I get to Cáceres?

If we want to visit a site first we must know how we can do it to reach it so, we find different ways through which we can reach this city of Cáceres. Any transport is good to move to the province of Extremadura. The most common means are by road, especially if we come from Spain or its surroundings.

In other cases of greater distance we can make trips by plane, however, the companies of trains and buses put many facilities at the time of a transfer, since they have many different schedules. On the other hand, the road network that connects the city also greatly facilitates the arrival by car to the city of Cáceres .// //

What can I see in Cáceres?

It is one of the main questions whenever we go somewhere, what can we see in the city? A place like Caceres It has many and varied spaces and has many places to see.

Church of Santa María de Guadalupe in Cáceres, Spain
Church of Santa María de Guadalupe in Cáceres, Spain - © Jgz - Fotolia.com

Undoubtedly the historic center is one of the main parts of this province and it is here where we will find monuments, churches, large and small shops and many other interesting things to spend the day.

When we are in the old town of Cáceres the first thing that stands out is the Plaza Mayor, which is one of the most representative sites in the city and contains important monuments such as the Tower of Bujaco, which has many historical details behind it, such as, for example, this is where more than forty were slaughtered knights at the hands of the Arabs.

There, we also find the Hermitage of Peace where the image of the Virgin of Peace, well known especially for his followers.

Then we have the Arco de la Estrella that belongs to Our Lady of the Star and the Tower of the Pulpits which is a very well-known tower in the city with more than 16 meters in height.

As a good city with medieval past Cáceres, it has a lot of relationship with the cathedrals and churches and in the historic center we find a few churches and cathedrals of the most important and that undoubtedly, are increasingly visited by those who want to see the city .

Churches and cathedrals of the city of Cáceres

The Plaza Mayor and the City Council of Cáceres, Spain
The Plaza Mayor and the City Hall of Cáceres, Spain - © joserpizarro - Fotolia.com

The co-cathedral of Santa María is one of the most important in Cáceres and its visit costs just 1 €. Inside it, you can enjoy the museums and the huge crosses as well as being able to climb the belfry and enjoy some beautiful views that you can miss.

When we have already seen the Cathedral of Santa María We arrived at the Arco de Coria, which is also very representative throughout the city. In the San Jorge Square we will find another important church, the Church of San Francisco Javier that is built on a Latin cross plan, with a dome and also two towers.

As we see, in general terms, Cáceres is a city where we can find many places related to the ecclesiastical and Christian sense, as we have already said, with a lot of medieval past.

But not only that, in Cáceres we can enjoy a rich gastronomy in any of the bars and restaurants that we find in the city. In addition, all for very little and with the option of opting for rich and well-seasoned menus.

Beyond the city of Cáceres

We will not deny at any time that the historical center and the general center of Cáceres are very interesting and worthy places to discover nevertheless, in the surroundings of the city we also have quite nice spaces.

One of those places is Abbey, a town of Cáceres whose main characteristic is a natural pool that delights many of the visitors that go to the place. This natural pool is located in the Ambroz Valley, which is where the river of the same name passes and it is precisely in this river where we find the beautiful natural pool.

Often, we can see how children of all ages play and bathe in addition, the river itself has an area that contains no stones which makes the game much easier for them.

The natural pool of La Abadía is an ideal place to rest and make a campsite so, if you dare to prepare a sandwich and go for a day with your children or your partner without a doubt, you will spend a very fun and relaxed day.

As we have seen in Cáceres, there is a space for everything. Not only will we enjoy an old town with a lot of history but we can also be around knowing that the city itself has many peculiarities that make it unique and special.

In this way, we can say that the province of Extremadura has many interesting attractions that make it a place where you always go, you want to repeat. Cáceres has no age and in its streets you will find people of all decades. In addition, its nightlife is very active and this, also helps that the city itself is populated by young people who are going to finish their studies in the city or are doing an expert or specialist course for a few years.

Cáceres is your place if you like a varied and enormously attractive city.

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