Córdoba: Essential Guide

The mosque and the Roman bridge in Cordoba, Spain
The mosque and the Roman bridge in Cordova, Spain - © Artur Bogacki - Fotolia.com



Córdoba: guide with the most important things to see and the best activities to do.

In southern Spain, within the Community of Andalusia, there are very beautiful cities that have a good amount of charm both in the capital and in the surroundings. We can talk about each and every one of the cities that make up the Andalusian complex, however, this time, we want to talk about one in particular: the city of Córdoba.

El center of Cordoba is the old Jewish quarter, northeast of the high walls of the mosque. Walking through this neighborhood you can say that we are still in the tenth century. When Cordoba was considered one of the great cities of the West: all its streets were full of merchants and craftsmen who worked forging in a very narrow path and stuck so that no vehicle could get through those dimensions. In these laterals we do not find with the synagogue and a good part of the main monuments that we can see in the city.

Today, the Cordovan center is dominated by the Plaza de las Tendillas. To the right of which is the Corredera, which is undoubtedly one of the busiest places in Córdoba and which currently dates from the 17th century.// //

How can I get to Córdoba?

The road to Córdoba will basically depend on where you are, although the best way to get to this place is by public transport or by our own car. If we decide to go by public transport we have different options on the one hand, the train that we can take from a nearby (depending, we insist, on the part of Spain where we are) to the known eTA and on the other hand, we can go directly by bus. We must know that we choose the means of transport that we choose we can have different options in terms of schedules referred to take a train or bus to go to the city. // //

What can I see in Córdoba?

Interior of the Mosque of Cordoba, Spain
Interior of the mosque in Cordoba, Spain - © akulamatiau - Fotolia.com

Córdoba is a city with a lot of charm here, from its streets to the people who travel it are worth knowing.

The city is a simple place, moderately large and has some of the most important historical monuments of our country. Undoubtedly, if we stop to think about what we have to do with Córdoba la Mezquita, it is a must.

La great Mosque of Cordoba, with more than twelve centuries of history, was the symbol of Islam in the Iberian Peninsula. Abderramán I is the one who started the construction of the temple in the 785 year. A building that evolved over the centuries in an amalgam of architectural forms.

Then, in the tenth century, Alhakén II made some new additions more beautiful that ended up highlighting the architectural figure that today represents this mosque.

The Mosque is divided into different parts and it is highly recommended to see each of them very carefully. The Minaret Tower It is a bell tower of 93 meters that was built on the minaret. To have a beautiful and complete view of the city we can climb the steep and see it.

The interior of the mosque is surrounded by large arches and pillars. The roof is supported by more than 850 granite and marble columns that create an incredible effect and form a spectacular ensemble. Many of these columns come from Roman buildings and Visigoths.

El Patio de los Naranjos is another of the great attractions of the Mosque of Cordoba. Historically it is the patio where the faithful prayed each and every one of their prayers as it was established.

Although Córdoba is composed of many other monuments and buildings of interest, the truth is that the Mosque is the main attraction of the city and we must go and see it. There are also different guided tours with which we can discover many details of this construction.

The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

This building consists of gardens that cover an original palace-fortress of the fourteenth century. Historically it is a place of refuge of the great emperors of the time where they were protected from any enemy attack. East alcazar It is surrounded by fountains and water games that transmits a feeling of complete tranquility.

The gardens of the Alcázar in Córdoba, Spain
The gardens of the Alcazar in Cordoba, Spain - © neirfy - Fotolia.com

Córdoba is a city made up of corners, of beautiful spaces to stroll through. Settled in a meander of the Guadalquivir River saved by a Roman bridge that connects the tower of Calahorra, from the 14th century, with its old town.

Among its many corners we can highlight the Plaza de los Capuchinos with the Christ of the Lanterns, made of stone that is surrounded by wrought iron lights. This area of ​​Cordoba is ideal to see it in the light of the moon.

On the other hand, Córdoba has a large number of museums that we can see, for example, the Museum of Fine Arts where we can find beautiful sculptures by Mateo Inurria from Cordova and paintings by Zurbarán and Murillo.

Córdoba is a place that also stands out for its gastronomy, since it has an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and throughout the city center and its surroundings you will find a lot of bars and restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes.

If you have decided to visit the city of Córdoba, one of the areas that you have to stop is undoubtedly La Corredera. In the heart of the province the Log It is a huge square surrounded by bars and places where you will find people almost at all hours of the day. At night it is illuminated and houses a large number of tourists who seek to be connected to the real essence of Cordoba. Often spontaneous and spontaneous performances or shows are formed that are a tourist attraction more for the person who is visiting.

If you like simple atmospheres and you are interested in the culture of Islam in Córdoba, you will have a great time, since it counts as we have said, with one of the most important constructions of the time and with the warmth of its people that make this province a completely exceptional site.

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