Travel guide for the city of Las Vegas in the United States: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the city of Las Vegas in the United States: everything basic and essential.

Las Vegas It is the capital of Nevada, in the United States. Known worldwide, several names are attributed to it that make reference to the lifestyle of the city: "The Capital of World Entertainment", "The Capital of Second Opportunities" and "The City of Sin".

It is quite common that during the holidays Las Vegas finds the same number of inhabitants as visitors, which denotes its great popularity both nationally and globally.

The capital Nevada It has been portrayed in numerous film deliveries, and it is well known that the main attractions of the city are related to drinking, casinos and gambling.

Las Vegas has a whopping 175 hotels with a total of rooms superior to 130.000.

The climate of Las Vegas is arid, with very high temperatures (over 40ºC) during the summer months of May to September, caused by the fact that the city is surrounded by a desert.

How to get there:

For those who are heading to Las Vegas from within the United States, they can either use the airport (we will indicate how later) or travel by train. Las Vegas has a very good connection by train with the rest of the country thanks to the Union Pacific Railroad, which is the only company that provides long-distance train service to Las Vegas.

El McCarran International Airport It is the most used airport in Las Vegas, both nationally and internationally. It is strongly recommended to travel through this airport if you want to visit Las Vegas and the valley from outside the United States.

The airport is located about 8 kilometers south of Las Vegas, in the Paradise area. To access it by car, you must go by the road destined only to it: the McCarran Airport Connector.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States © Zlatko Guzmic -

For those travelers who are going to Las Vegas and want to get safely to the city from the airport, it is recommended to use either the taxi, called taxicab, or the bus.

There are several routes that bring us to the city thanks to RTC Transit, the public transport service of the city, we give you more details below:

  • Route 108 -> Serves the Bonnevile Transit Center and leads to the city center (Downtown Las Vegas).
  • Route 109 -> This route operates 24 hours / day. It serves the entire Las Vegas area, including Downtown, the Bonnevile Transit Center, the Maryland Parkway and the airport car rental terminal.
  • Westcliff Airport Express -> Provides direct service to the Strip area, including hotels:
    • New York - New York Hotel
    • Tropicana Hotel
    • Excalibur Hotel
    • Suncoast Hotel
    • And the Bonnevile Transit Center and Downtown Las Vegas
    • Strip & Downtown Express -> Serves only the Las Vegas Strip between 9 and 12 in the morning. 

The Monorail line is currently being extended from Las Vegas to the airport, although it will not be operational until 2014.

How to move around the city:

Hotel New York in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Hotel New York in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States © Kimmer -

To be able to move around Las Vegas with comfort we have different types of public transport. First there are the buses, called RTC Transit, which serves the neighborhoods of Las Vegas, north Las Vegas and Henderson.

To go to Las Vegas from anywhere in Nevada County we can opt for the inter-city bus service, a bus service that connects the capital of Nevada with the surrounding cities.

There is also a fast and efficient method of transportation in Las Vegas called the Bus Rapid Transit, which connects different parts of the city quickly to save users time. This service is in expansion, and it is expected that soon will reach to take tourists to the international airport of Las Vegas (Las Vegas International Airport).

The center of the city has a monorail service, also in expansion, which can be used for most of the day.

What to see / activities:

Las Vegas Strips, Nevada, United States
Las Vegas Strips, Nevada, United States © Chee-Onn Leong -

Our Vegas Strips It is the main street of Las Vegas, which includes some of the most impressive hotels in the city. It is something worth seeing, and tourists always come to walk the Strip when they visit Las Vegas.

Within this street, we can find the following hotels:

  • Stratosphere -> Combines the appearance of an airport control tower with two main attractions: a shuttle and two roller coasters on top.
  • Sahara
  • Circus Circus -> Set in the world of the circus, this hotel offers numerous performances throughout the day for free.
  • Riviera
  • Echelon Place
  • Fashion Show Mall
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • The Venetian / The Palazzo -> Imitates a Venetian palace and even includes a gondola ride on the second floor of the hotel.
  • Treasure Island -> As the name suggests, the theme is based on the Treasure Island, and includes performances every half hour with specialists, ships and pirates.
  • Casino Royale
  • Harrah's
  • The Mirage -> Recreate a Polynesian island, including tigers, dolphins, lions and even a volcano.
  • Inperial Palace
  • Flamingo
  • Caesars Palace -> With a Roman-style appearance, Caesars Palace looks like an out of place piece of Roman art, but it is nonetheless luxurious.
  • Bill's Gamblin 'Hall and Saloon
  • Bally's
  • Bellagio -> 5-diamond hotel where you can breathe the essence of Italy and the fountains dance to the music of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.
  • Paris Las Vegas -> Famous recreation of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
  • Planet Holywood -> Old Aladdin, it preserves a decoration that recreates a Persian city.
  • City Center Project
  • Monte Carlo
  • New York - New York -> Recreation of various icons of New York, including a mini statue of liberty.
  • MGM Grand
  • Excalibur Hotel & Casino -> Designed for lovers of medievalism, this hotel has the appearance of a castle and follows a medieval or Camelot theme.
  • Tropicana
  • Luxor -> This pyramid-shaped hotel represents everything Egyptian and recreates a unique experience, including the sphinx! 


When traveling to the United States, remember that if you come from one of the "friendly" countries, you will not need a visa.

However, very few countries have that luxury, and most tourists require a visa, which can be issued by the consulate or embassy closest to their city.

The tourist visa allows you to be in the United States for 6 months, and after that time you must leave the country. Do not plan to enter the United States to get work with a tourist visa, since you may be banned from the country indefinitely.

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