London: All the Essentials of the English Capital

London It is a great and beautiful city, capital of the United Kingdom, a city full of stories, mass tragedies, land of a great playwright, who is considered one of the greatest Geniuses in the world, author of the most famous play ever created. I'm talking about the famous William Shakespeare.

In 2011 London had a population of 8,174 million inhabitants, putting it at the top of one of the cities in the world with the largest population, apart from being one of the cities in Europe and the world with the highest economy. It all started 43 years before Christ, when the Romans founded what was then a small population, which was later destroyed by surrounding tribes called Icenos. But then the settlement re-emerged again and soon prospered, sustained by the good economy that its port gave it.

Soon in the third century, the city that today is London and that at that time was Londinium possessed about 50 thousand inhabitants. Then he suffered great tragedies such as the Black Death, invasions, even a great fire that destroyed part of it.


What is the usual climate in London?

The climate of London is compared to the climate of southern Britain, it is said to have less rainfall than those of Roma, The winters are quite cold, in spite of this, the snowfalls are quite counted. In itself, the temperatures in the winter range between -4 ºC and 14 ºC, although in the 2010 low to -14 ºC. In summer, the average temperature is 24 ° C, it has rarely reached 30 ° C.

When to visit London?

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London - © sborisov -

Well, if you have the possibility (more than possibility, luxury) of being able to choose the time to travel to London, then I will tell you that the best time that tourists choose to travel, is summer, because the days are clear and long, apart from that you can go for a walk through the beautiful gardens and landscapes without any problem. In December, despite the cold it is, it is ideal to travel if you like Christmas with life, it is said that in no other Christmas you live like the one in London, you should experiment.

How to move around London

Mobilize in London is not something so complicated, because this city has an excellent transport, you can mobilize in the metro, if you want to cross from one end to another the city. You will also find a bus service, for smaller distances, even many of them make tourist trips around the city. The transport by train, taxi or boat is usually a little more expensive than the above mentioned, but they have an equally excellent service to these.


Tourist sites to see in London

Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge, London - © olavs -

Well as we already know, London is a very big city, besides a city full of culture, art, fashion. Therefore you could be in London months without getting to know all the great things that this city has, that is why here I leave you the best places of interest, and more visited by tourists:

  • Palace of Westminster: It is a majestic architecture which houses two Chambers that make up the British Parliament.
  • Westminster Abbey: It is the oldest church in London, witness to great events in the city over the centuries.
  • Tower of London: An old and large construction, which has many stories (most of them terror) today is a great attraction, it houses jewels of the crown.
  • St Paul's Cathedral: It is a very important cathedral, it is the second largest cathedral in the world, barely surpassed by the Cathedral of San Pedro in the Vatican.

Other places of interest in London are: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Kensington Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Chinatown, The Old Operating Theater, The Monument etc.

Four activities that you can do only in London

You could visit the famous Portobello Road Market, famous for selling antiques.

There you could buy some really old things for your collection, or you could just have fun watching, snooping and photographing old things.

A very nice activity is to go up to the great observation wheel London Eye, there you will get the best views of the city.

For fans of the great playwright Shakespeare, I could visit the Globe, where the playwright lived and worked.

See the opening of the Victorian Tower Bridge, for that you should not plan any date or exclusive day, because the bridge opens about 1000 times per year. Take out the account.

Gastronomy of the city of London

Speaking internationally, London cuisine has not had much reputation, but things are changing, different types of chef are developing the kitchen, different TV shows about cooking have emerged, different cookbooks. Everything indicates that this trend will gradually raise the reputation of London food, and the British of course.

In all this that I have said about the gastronomy of London, I have not wanted to express that there is no quality food there, if there are many quality dishes, and it is that the dishes of London are of quality, only that they do not have a good reputation speaking in gastronomy in general, this is because most of the dishes that are served in London do not originate from there.

To finish I will leave you 4 tasty London dishes, which you can enjoy if you visit London:

  • Tea and Porridge: It is the typical breakfast in London, it is composed of an oatmeal broth of milk, salt and sugar. Accompanied with sausages, eggs, bacon and toast with jam.
  • Fried fish with potatoes: Just as it sounds, (breaded hake, fried potatoes) You can find this dish in any street, as they are sold in street food stalls.
  • Roast beef: As it sounds, delicious grilled beef, the waiters will always prepare it to your liking.
  • Sausages: Londoners love sausages, that's why it is inevitable that you have an encounter with one of them if you go to London, well I exaggerate, but it is true that you will find sausages of all shapes, types, colors and sizes. Also a wide variety of sauces for all tastes, so that you eat them your way, just in case you have the luck and joy of visiting London.
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