Peñiscola: Essential Guide


Peñiscola: guide with the most important things to see, its beaches and the best activities to do.

Peñíscola is a town located in the northern area of ​​Castellón, in the Valencian Community that can boast of being among the most beautiful villages in Spain according to the statistics of this year that is ending. Knowing this, it is not hard for us to think that each day your tourism will be revaluated more and more to the point that it has increased your visits in a very interesting percentage.

How can we get to Peñíscola?

As in all the guides that we are offering on this website, before we start to say what we can see or which sites we can not miss, as well as the activities to do, the first thing is to comment on how we can reach this beautiful region.

Arriving in Peñíscola will depend of course on the place where we are. Transportation is always the same, if we live near the town or in the same place Valencia we can choose to go by train or in our own car as well, we can also go by bus which are the most common means within what is offered by road.

Another way is that if we arrive from a distance we can do it by plane arriving at the same Valencia and then take a bus or train to the town or also by boat.
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What can we see in Peñíscola?

Once we have clear the different ways by which we can get to Peñíscola now what we have to analyze is what we can see in it and is that this beautiful town has many things that we can enjoy. Do you dare to discover them?

Castillo de Peñiscola, Spain
Castle of Peñiscola, Spain - © akgor8 -

The Castle: if you go sightseeing Peñíscola el Castillo It is one of the must-see visits that you have to do, so write it down in your agenda when you decide to take this trip. El Castillo is one of the artistic and historical representations of the town.

It is a key icon in the history of Spain and has been an important representation in all the artistic heritage. It also has an unparalleled tour of strong characters in our history that, in their day, made this castle, its strength and place in the one that took refuge from the attack of the neighboring towns and of all the enemies.

One of the most important details of the location of the castle is that it is located on a rock overlooking the sea and then, it was considered an impressive fortress of difficult access for enemies who wanted to steal or kill. Today, we can observe it and if we also do it in summer, we can also enjoy a collection of birds of prey that fly on top of the castle.

Casa de las Conchas: when we are walking through the streets of Peñíscola no doubt another place where we must stop is the Casa de las Conchas that at first, can remind you of the Casa de las Conchas that there is in Salamanca (if you have visited this city, of course) instead, this building is part of one of the most significant in the town and all tourists want to photograph a part of it to take it as a souvenir in their backpack. The unusual thing about it is that we can see the sea shells all over the surface of the house.


El Bufador: we can not waste the opportunity to see the Bufador when we go to Peñíscola. This is one of the most beautiful corners that we can see in this town of the Valencian Community and those who have been there, agree that its views is something impressive.

The Bufador extends through a cavity running through the entire rock and reaches a chimney that fires at the center of the town. See how it goes outside is one of the most beautiful views and we can enjoy seeing it.

El Faro: Not only is it a beautiful and worth visiting place, but it is also very important for the sailors who arrive because its focus warns of the rock so that they do not crash against it. Regardless of this, the lighthouse is one of the most photographed parts of the town and, together with the Casa de las Conchas, form one of the most important tourist attractions, at least when the visitor is there. The lighthouse is tall and its focus has a strong luminosity that reaches up to 65 kilometers. It will certainly shock you.

These are some of the most important areas that you will see in Peñíscola that likewise, you will not have to look for them simply by walking through the town you will find them and you will simply have to stop to see them and take the pictures that you like.

The best beaches of Peñíscola

As we said Peñíscola presumes since this year 2013 to be recognized as one of the most beautiful regions of Spain and is that its historic center is impressive however, if we go to this town in summer we can also enjoy beautiful beaches in its surroundings. Do you want to know them?

Beach of Peñíscola, Spain
Peñíscola beach, Spain - © Pakmor -

North Beach: this beach is the closest to the old town and has about 5 kilometers of sand from which we can enjoy. This sand is also very fine therefore, it feels like more lying on it to feel the breeze and the sea. In the background you can see the Castle that we talked about earlier that is presented as a west fortress. The beach on the other hand has all the available services and has a good amount of dependencies.

South Beach: as its name indicates, it is the one that is located further south of the town. It is attached to the fishing port and, although it is smaller (it has 300 meters of sand) it is also very visited and loved by visitors. In addition, it has the quality that you can see the fishing boats arrive while you are enjoying the sun and the sea breeze.

As we see Peñíscola, in addition to being one of the most beautiful regions in Spain, it has many things to see and do and, if we go in summer, we will also have beautiful beaches where we can lie down to rest and enjoy our visit to the fullest.

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