Salou: Essential Guide

Panoramic View of Salou, Spain
Panoramic View of Salou, Spain - © nito -



Salou: guide with the most important things to see, its beaches and the best activities to do.

Salou is located in the province of Tarragona, in full Costa Dorada and it is an ideal destination for those looking for beach, sun, water and fun especially in the summer months when the place is most popular for obvious reasons.

This port city is very popular with tourists especially, who come from abroad who find in Salou a great space to spend their mythical holidays.

Apart from the beaches (which will be discussed later) Salou is characterized by having one of the most important port activities in the north of Spain.

When we take a walk through the center of the city we can see how some buildings are preserved as before, with the same infrastructure with which it was created.

How to get to Salou?

As in almost all the places that we are talking about in our guides to get to Salou we have different ways by which we can reach our destination more specifically, through airplanes, trains, buses or even our own car. All this always depends on where you are, because if you are far away the best thing is that you take a plane and if you are closer, any of the other means.

Salou is a place with a lot of charm and a very popular destination in the tourism of the summer months. One of the great attractions of this space is precisely that we are in a situation in which we can visit many other borders that adjoin this place therefore, whenever we go to Salou we will have many other sites that we can discover.

Next, we want to make a small tour of the most enigmatic spaces of Salou so that you can know exactly what you have to see if you decide to visit this place.
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What can I see in Salou?

Walk of Les Palmeres: This walk is a long avenue called Paseo de Les Palmeres that runs parallel to Platja de Levant, which is one of the largest that we find in the place and which we will talk about later. This avenue usually serves as a meeting point for tourists and inhabitants of the area, since in its surroundings we find hotel complexes of all kinds, bars, shops, restaurants, nightclubs ... and everything you need for a time of relaxation or enjoyment . In the same avenue of Paseo de Les Palmeres we can also find architectural representations such as the Torre de Cal Bonet and the well-known monument of King Jaime I.

Paseo Jaime I in Salou, Spain
Paseo Jaime I in Salou, Spain - © nito -

La Bonet HouseThe modernist style of the streets of Salou is already well known. Therefore, we should not be surprised that Casa Bonet is one of the most popular modern representations of the territory.

Located on the Paseo de Jaume I, the Casa Bonet is the maximum modern representation of Catalonia after the well-known works of Antonio Gaudí, of course. In fact, its architect Doménech Sugranyes is a disciple of the artist and it is what has served to see in his works influences more than appreciable in all his creations.

Casa Bonet was one of the first houses to be built within what is considered the Modern Salou. Inside we can see wall paintings that speak of the departure of Jaume I from the beaches of Salou towards his conquest of Majorca.

Lighthouse of SalouIf we want to talk about emblematic things in the Salou area, the Faro de Salou is one of the great candidates for it. This lighthouse is one of the most important on the Costa Dorada and is located at the tip of Cabo de Salou. Recognized and sought after by all tourists the Lighthouse of Salou is enclosed by a stone wall and is incredibly bright so much, that it guides the path to be drawn by the sailors.

These are some of the most important things you have to see in your visit to Salou because in addition to the beaches, it also makes up for knowing a little more about the history and work of the place and above all, see the classic contrast that some of its buildings have with the modernist touch of more current ones.

What are the best beaches in Salou?

Levant Beach: As we discussed before, the Levant Beach is one of the most popular and busy of Salou in fact, is the largest and the most security and surveillance has. This beach is a real magnet for tourists, as it contains everything and is very well located.

Long Beach in Salou, Spain
Playa Larga in Salou, Spain - © lunamarina -

The different playgrounds are also a good alternative for parents who go with their children. Apart from the security that represents it that we have already commented previously and a good center of sports activities of interest.

Beach of LlargaThis popular beach of Salou has a path made expressly for her. Its spectacular promenade makes it very appealing. It is surrounded by pine trees all around and a lot of different vegetation that makes it a natural beach. It is far away from the most important tourist centers and this makes it very attractive for those people who seek tranquility and who want to be almost alone in Salou.

Cala Font: other very popular sand destinations in Salou are the coves from which stands out this well-known Cala Font which, taking 70 meters long is very visited by its impressive vegetation and by the street of Dunes that surrounds it.

It is a great section for snorkeling due to the tranquility of its waters that allow you to see the seabed of which it is also made, it contains many species of animals therefore, if you like marine fauna, here you can have more than one discovery.

As we have seen throughout the guide in Salou not only we can enjoy some great beaches but also we have a magnificent historic center with numerous streets where we will see everything. Without a doubt, Salou is an ideal destination for our vacations.

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