Santander: Essential Guide

Magdalena Palace of Santander, Spain
Palace of the Magdalena de Santander, Spain - © LENTEJA -



Santander: guide with the most important things to see, its beaches and the best activities to do.

Santander is a province in the north of Spain that is growing more and more in terms of tourism. As the capital of Cantabria, it stands out as one of the most peaceful and cozy coastal cities of the moment. It has a wide bay facing the south coast and many green areas that make it a province that defends the environment and the natural environment.

Its historical center is also beautiful and also, it is completely reformed in a forced way, since in 1941 a devastating fire blamed the city taking everything that lay ahead. From here, now the new historic center and all its streets look modern and completely remodeled.

As a coastal city, Santander has wonderful silvers, thirteen in total and a large number of parks that, as we said before, define their passion for green areas. As a city in itself, it is quite rich and has an enviable cultural heritage.

 How can I get to Santander?

First of all we have to talk about how to get to the city, since depending on the part of the world you are in, you will have to take a different medium or another.

Basically we have a few ways by which we can reach the province; train, bus, car, plane ...

Each one of these modalities can be carried out according to the place where you are, that is, if you are in Spain it is best to opt for the train or the bus if you are at distances close to the city or the city. plane if you are located in the southern area, for example.

Once we know the routes through which we can get to Santander, we will go on a short tour of the city to find out what are the things you can not miss from this place.

Shall we start?

 What can I see in Santander?

Maritime Walk of Santander, Spain
Paseo Marítimo de Santander, Spain - © Arturo Limón -

As we have said, Santander has a beautiful historic quarter, perfect streets for walking and an important historical and cultural heritage. The area of ​​the coast and the whole bay adds an attraction for tourist visits.

Magdalena PalaceThis palace may be one of the great essentials in your visit to the city of Santander. The Palacio de la Magdalena is an authentic jewel of the place that is on a high slope from which you can observe the most beautiful spots of the city.

This palace began to be built in 1908 with the purpose of surrendering to the monarchs of the moment the building, was made by renowned architects and assistants of Santander. It was completed in 1912 and eventually became one of the vacation spots of the kings of Spain.

Maritime Walk of SardineroAs we have already mentioned, Santander also stands out for its coastline and the thirteen beaches that are in its possession so, it is not surprising that the Sardinero Sea Promenade is another of the great gems that we have to see when we visit the city .

This walk is one of the most tourist areas of the city and also one of the most beauty and luxury. The emblematic Sardinero beach is the most popular in the area and is especially populated in summer.


The Paseo Marítimo del Sardinero is declared an Artistic Historic Site and without a doubt one of the most recommended places to stroll are the green Jardines de Piquio is recognized as one of the most beautiful natural areas in all of Cantabria.

Paseo de PeredaPaseo de Pereda is undoubtedly the most enigmatic and busy street in Santander. It is located in the heart of the city and is formed by large and significant sculptures as well as very popular green areas.

Around this walk we find some of the most important buildings in the city as well as numerous representative sculptures in the area. The gardens of Pereda for example, are an essential stop where you can photograph some of the most beautiful areas of the city.

In addition to being a beautiful green area we can also find different commercial spaces along the same walk where we can see representations of works, book fairs and very popular street markets.

These cards are recognized as some of the most important to see in your visit to the city of Santander however, the cultural offer of the province is much wider and we can often find shows, concerts and plays in the center of the city or surroundings that we can enjoy as little children.

Also, considering that it is a city located around wide mountains, the adventure activity is very big and, if you like hiking, you are dedicated to mountaineering or any other action that has to do with the heights in Santander, you have many things of this style to do even, you could surprise with some activities programmed by expert groups to which you can sign up.

What are the best beaches in Santander?

As we know, an important percentage of tourism that Santander has is in the summer months and the reason is none other than the beaches available in the town. Next, we want to introduce you to some of the best beaches you can find in the capital of Cantabria. We start?

Playa del Sandinero in Santander, Spain
Sandinero beach in Santander, Spain - © leonardo2011 -

Playa de la Concha: one of the busiest beaches in the city is this Playa de la Concha, which has a high tourist level especially in the summer months. Located in Suances, its extension is more than 1000 meters and it is characterized by having an urban character surrounded by shops and equipped with a very important promenade.

El Bocal Beach: Not as busy as the previous one, El Bocal Beach stands out for its isolation that makes it potentially attractive. It is usually traveled by people who want to be quiet and with little public. Golden sand and moderate waves have little access to staff but if you want to be apart is the best option.

Los Peligros Beachlocated again in Santander this beach is very crowded thanks to its golden sand and its urbanism. In its surroundings as in the Playa de la Concha we can enjoy shops and areas of interest.

These three beaches that we have named here are important but always preceded by the popular Playa Magdalena and Playa Sardinero, which are the most touristy in the city.

As we see in Santander we have a wide range of activities and places to see therefore, if you want to go on vacation to a northern area and do not know yet which we hope that this guide will finish you out of doubts.

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