Toledo: Essential Guide

Toledo, aerial view
Toledo, aerial view © ALCE -



Toledo: guide with the most important things to see and visit and the best activities to do.

The city of Toledo is located in the heart of Spain, just hitting the well-known capital of Madrid.

In his day, Toledo was the capital of our country but with the political and socio-economic changes Madrid It took its place therefore, today this city that now rushes us is the current province of Castilla La Mancha, a beautiful and worth discovering territory.

How to get to the city of Toledo

To the great city of Toledo can be reached by different alternatives always depending on the area in which we are and where we are going to leave. Usually, if we leave from any province of Spain we can go directly by car or we also have several transports such as buses and trains that can leave us in the city of Toledo following schedules and itineraries.

On the other hand, if we go from another country or even from a province in Spain (for example, Madrid) we also have routes by plane for those who want the journey to be much more comfortable and faster.

Toledo: a city with a lot of history

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From the 13th century Toledo It was converted into one of the few places where Moors, Christians and Jews coexisted without any problem and this is precisely what has made the city of Toledo an account of different cultures and that, today, has been turned into a multidisciplinary and charming tourist center.

Nowadays, it can be said that Toledo is a city that is disturbed by the amount of things that we can discover at a historical and cultural level as well as the many memories we have to buy in any of the streets in the center of it.

The arrival in Toledo: we have already discussed the different ways we have to get to Toledo. However, if we are in the country of Spain it is best that we choose to park the car just before the walled enclosure to get off and start with the visit in fact, right next to us we have an Information and Tourism Office where we can ask an information map.

Once we have our map we can make a general visit to the wall from the Puerta de Bisagra that will give us access to the entire wall from this beautiful door to its interior. The visit to the city of Toledo we can manage depending on the number of days that we are going to be in the place in fact, the most important thing of Toledo if we organize ourselves we can see it perfectly in a day.

Toledo, hinge door © Javier Castro -
Toledo, hinged door © Javier Castro -

Next, we want to talk about some of the best places to visit in Toledo For example, let's start with the monuments. The monuments of Toledo are important buildings that delight all tourists who go for a walk in the city.

  • The quarterdeck: this place consists of a fortified palace ordered to rebuild Carlos V and today forms a fundamental piece in the tourism and historical legacy of Toledo. Previously it was devastated by fire multiple times until in 1936 it was completely destroyed. However, the importance of this place for the inhabitants meant that, during Franco's dictatorship, it became a military mausoleum and a crucial symbol of heroism. In its restoration it was decided to follow the general plan of its origin for which several architects participated.
  • The church of Santo Tomé: this church has a date of construction dating from the twelfth century whose tower is one of the best architectural formations we know. The work of El Greco that is inside the church stands out without doubt: "The burial of the Count of Orgaz".
  • Transit Synagogue: this synagogue highlights its Mudejar interior which is one of the best recognized in the city and is named after the expulsion of the Jews was entrusted with the Order of Calatrava to which belonged Our Lady of Transit.

These are some of the most important monuments that exist in the city of Toledo without of course, the incredible Cathedral that we will talk about later now let's give way to some of the Museums that you can not miss in Toledo:

  • The El Greco Museum: It is said that El Greco lived here for years. At the moment it is a very recognized building in which you can see each and every one of its works. It is an undeniable visit for art lovers.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art: located in the "Casa de las Cadenas" this museum is an impressive collection of art gallery works specialized in the 20th century.

A visit to the Cathedral of Toledo

Bridge of San Martín, Toledo (Spain)
Toledo, San Martin Bridge © ALCE -

The Cathedral of Toledo is one of the most important buildings in the city we are talking about. That is why we want to pay special attention in this guide to know some of the details that stand out among many other monuments and places in Toledo.

This construction was founded in the first century by St. Eugene, the first bishop to be found in Toledo. At first the Muslims converted it into a mosque. In the eleventh century, the king Alfonso VI was in charge of converting it into a cathedral, although it was later destroyed and is now being rebuilt and rebuilt in a Gothic style that is as we find it now when we visit the city of Toledo.

After knowing the most interesting monuments and the museums that we can see in the city of Toledo we can not miss recommending a nice walk through the old town where you will find a lot of interesting things: some beautiful cobbled streets and some shops and street markets in which you can buy almost everything.

Also you can not stop enjoying the delights of Manchegan cuisine, as everywhere you will find tapas bars and restaurants among which we want to highlight "La Abadía" or "La Tabernita" two leading sites in service and good food.

The surroundings of Toledo: much more to discover

  • Oropesa: this beautiful medieval town is highlighted by its undisputed beauty that also contains the "Parador de Oropesa" one of the oldest and most historic of the place. The town will not cost you to visit it more than two hours and you will be enjoying one of the greatest charms of Toledo.
  • Talavera de la Reina: located just 2 kilometers from Toledo this is one of the most populated and large towns of the city since the twentieth century and is well known for the distribution of ceramics and tiles and also for the beautiful embroidery.

These are two of the towns that you can not miss if you decide to visit the city of Toledo. As you see, we have offered you the great amount of charms that the city contains and also some of its wonderful places around. Are you going to miss it?

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