Valencia: Essential Guide

Plaza de la Reina and Torre Micalet in Valencia, Spain
Plaza de la Reina and Micalet Tower in Valencia, Spain - © JackF -



Valencia: guide with the most important things to see, its beaches and the best activities to do.

Valencia is the third most important city in Spain.

The large number of spaces available and also everything that we can see in it at a cultural and heritage level have made it a great destination for people around the world who want, besides being on vacation, to know places with a lot of see and where you can be surprised

In this guide we want to make a small tour of the areas of Valencia that have more charm and more charm and those in which undoubtedly, you will love to miss and be for a long time to see each of its details.

Of course Valencia is a place with many more things to do but here, you will find the essential thing you have to see in the city to say, "I've known Valencia" to all your friends.

How to get to Valencia?

One of the most important things we have to know when we have thought about going to a site is, of course, how to get there. In the case of Valencia we have different ways by which we can enter the same however, if you come from far the ideal is that you take a plane Well, there are very good combinations and you will always arrive in a more comfortable way. The car, train and bus are also transports through which you can get to Valencia without any problem. // //

What do I have to see in Valencia?

City Hall of Valencia, Spain
Valencia City Council, Spain - © nikomi -

The city of Valencia was founded by the Romans in the year 138 BC and years later we learned that the Muslims conquered it. El Cid campeador, halfway between legend and reality, took the place in the 1096 year until Jaime I the Conqueror finished it to rule in the year 1238 who incorporated it definitively in the kingdom of Aragon.

The history of Valencia has served for the city to be surrounded by beauty and a high historical heritage that is a legacy of the place and an important tourist attraction for all those who decide to have it as their main destination.

La Cathedral of Valencia: as in any important city that boasts the Cathedral, it plays a very important role in the visits of all tourists. This one we are talking about was built in 1262 and has been expanded over the centuries, becoming a building of notable interest to all who come to Valencia.

Palau's door is the oldest, but the main one is the Puerta de los Hierros. We can also see the door of the Apostles which is Gothic and very beautiful. Inside the Cathedral we have a chapel with a cup that is recognized as the Holy Grail that, according to legend, arrived in Valencia from Jerusalem.

// //

La Lonja de Valencia: important cultural space La Lonja is an elegant Gothic-style building highly valued by all the locals and an important tourist attraction for many people who visit. In ancient times it was dedicated to making court parties where many people had fun today, the custom is not very different since nowadays it is destined to perform concerts or put on plays.

The exterior of the Lonja is worthy of appreciation because it is crowned by gargoyles in the highest parts that give the building a historical and very sinister touch. The ceiling is also decorated and usually has different representations.

The Gardens of the Turia: one of the most beautiful spaces that we can contemplate in Valencia, the Jardines del Turia are made up of successions of playgrounds, gardens and green landings that are a delight for people who like open spaces and very floras.

In its surroundings is the well-known Palacio de la Música, which is nowadays one of the most important venues where concerts and shows of good renown are held.

The best parks that can be found in the Jardines del Turia are those that are closest to the river, among which is a beautiful and very large one, as well as well known: the Royal Gardens, which contains the Viveros that are very famous in the place and a small Zoo with different variety of species.

What are the best beaches in Valencia?

As we have already mentioned, Valencia is a place where we can do everything and in which, in addition, we will find a good amount of activities to discover the space in which we are but there is something of this city that we have not yet spoken, the beaches.

Cathedral of Valencia, Spain
Valencia Cathedral, Spain - © Rosemarie Maczek -

The beaches of Valencia are not as spectacular as those of their surroundings (Gandia, for example) but the truth is that there are some that are worth a visit, do you want to know them?

Beach of the Malvarrosa: it is the urban beach par excellence and we have many services to enjoy. The beach has fine sand and is very well located, in addition, the waters are very clean so you can fully enjoy the baths that you take in the sea.

Beach of the Arenas: this beach is one of the most popular that we can find in the city of Valencia. With urban access, this beach has multiple services and has a lot of tourism during all times of the year. It is made of fine golden sand and contains good dependencies so that you can go with your children to play.

As we have seen, Valencia is a city where we have a lot to discover. Being one of the most important cities in Spain, it is no wonder that there is so much tourism both for its historic center and its coastline. Do not forget if you go there to taste one of its famous paellas, it has no waste. We are not going to advise you on a specific site since it is difficult to select where to eat or go to dinner in Valencia. Valencia has for all at all times of the year and is what ends up attracting tourists from all over the world who have chosen it from among many destinations as the main one to spend a beautiful vacation. Do not you even know where to be on your days off? Come and discover Valencia!

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