Gran Canaria: Essential Guide

The English beach in Gran Canaria, Spain
The English beach in Gran Canaria, Spain - © Thomas Abraham -



Gran Canaria: guide with the most important things to see, the best beaches and activities to do.

There is no doubt that the island of Gran Canaria It is one of the most beautiful in the Peninsula. Located in the Atlantic Ocean is, along with the other islands of Lanzarote y Fuerteventura, part of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands in the country of Spain.

The many attractions of the island of Gran Canaria are more than evident. A place that highlights the sunny weather, surrounded by palm trees and with a part-time waters between the warm and the cold but yes, very crystalline are the main incentive for us to be trapped by a dream landscape.

In addition, it has a historic center of the most interesting, with many options to see and fully enjoy the island. When we think of Gran Canaria, the first thing that will come to mind are its beaches, but the truth is that in addition to large areas of sand, we have many monuments and history behind the city center.

How can I get to Gran Canaria?


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It is the first question we must ask ourselves if we want to visit the island of Gran Canaria. One of the main questions is how we go to the island and the cheapest way we can get there.

To go to the island of Gran Canaria There are two possible methods: the ship and the plane. Like any island worth its salt, the only ways to get there are those that we have mentioned.

Both for the ship and the plane there are different points from which we can find airlines or seaports to catch any of the transports. Not only at the national level but also, we can find them outside the country.

In addition, it is good that we are always attentive to the different offers on trips made by companies or agencies, since the trip of your dreams to the island of Gran Canaria can also be very economical.

The best beaches of Gran Canaria

The beach of Amadores in Gran Canaria, Spain
Amadores beach in Gran Canaria, Spain - © eyewave -

As we have said, when it comes to the islands in general, the beaches are undoubtedly the great protagonist we find in them. Gran Canaria was not going to be less and has beautiful beaches and coves all around, do you want to know some of the best beaches on the island?

Playa de Maspalomas: We have already mentioned it before, Maspalomas is an area of ​​the island that is very popular with tourists from all over the world thanks to the fame of its beach. It is the largest on the island of Gran Canaria and also contains dunes and a huge pond that are some of the great attractions of the area. In addition, it has different protected areas that delight many of its visitors.

Playa de las CanterasThis beach is one of the most beautiful urban beaches in fact, there are people who consider it the most spectacular urban beach in the world. The great wealth that it possesses and the situation it presents make it considered one of the most desired on the planet. The popularity of this beach has led the heritage itself to provide it with accommodation, a red cross, surveillance, showers and nautical rentals. Ideal for restless tourists!

English beachThis beach is also very beautiful and wide (much more than the previous one) Playa del Inglés also stands out for its fine and soft sand and hot springs that lead tourists to find themselves in a complete harmony of peace. Playa del Inglés is also very quiet and has very calm waters, which makes it the ideal destination to go with young children.

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What can we see in Gran Canaria?

Puerto De Mogan in Gran Canaria, Spain
Puerto De Mogan in Gran Canaria, Spain - © Knut Wiarda -

And after knowing how to get to our destination, the main thing is to know the most interesting points of the island to get lost in each and every one of them. Can you come with us?

The island of Gran Canaria stands out, among other things for an enormous archaeological heritage therefore, if you like history and above all, the archeology here, you will enjoy like a small child. On all sides, you can find large deposits, hidden caves, cave paintings. Such a pleasure for the senses!

Puerto de MogánOne of the most attractive spaces of Gran Canaria is undoubtedly, the Puerto de Mogán, which, as the name suggests, is located in the province of Mogán. The atmosphere of this area has no equal: full of white houses with very showy flowers on all sides. Although the beach is not very big, the visit to this Puerto de Mogán is almost mandatory. It is ideal for sports and for fishing.

MaspalomasAlthough, as we have said, Puerto de Mogan is very interesting, one of the most outstanding places on the island of Gran Canaria is Maspalomas. This is an ideal place for winter and functions as an important tourist center. Maspalomas is made up of three very important parts that make it quite characteristic: San Agustín, Playa de Inglés and the Parque de las Dunas. Highlights the Park of the Dunes which is a destination visited by all tourists in the area and also by those who live on the island. This park is a protected natural reserve located in an Oasis where there is a golf course and very exclusive areas. You can not lose this!

Tafira: the island of Gran Canaria would not be the same without the Tafira area. Tafira is a residential neighborhood in which the English stayed when they arrived. In this place, we find the Canary Garden or better known as the Botanical Garden that was built in 1952 and contains all the plants of the island. Tarifa is well known at a general level and a large number of tourists want to visit it to know all the advantages and landscapes that offer. Without a doubt, if you pass by this island, the visit is more than deserved.

As we can see, the island of Gran Canaria is a beautiful destination for all those who like beaches and summer climates. On this island there is a lot of tourist diversity and we can find all kinds of people. You will not regret the visit!

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