The secrets of the island of Ibiza, the most animated of the Balearic Islands


Ibiza: guide with the beaches and towns to visit and the best activities to do.

Cala de San Vicente, Ibiza
Cala de San Vicente, Ibiza - © lunamarina -


The island of Ibiza is the smallest of the whole of the Balearic Islands, however, it is also one of the best known and of course, most visited by all types of tourists. Ibiza has become almost one of the most famous for hosting important millionaires who feel passion for the Balearic territory and also for having the most impressive parties on the planet.

Ibiza is the closest island to the peninsular coasts and it was foreign to the tourist bombing until the seventies from that time, with the repercussion that the tourist propaganda made on Ibiza paper promoted, and also other areas of important tourism at present as Torremolinos and Benidorm, began to break out in a tourist style that attracted a lot of attention.

The landscape, especially in the north, is a set of almond, olive and fig trees, with beautiful hills lit under a bright sun. Similarly, the city of Ibiza retains the air of small capital rural that makes it very characteristic.

What can I visit on the island?

El old town of Ibiza, also called high city, is a miniature citadel of almost circular shape. The Portal de ses Taules, in the wall of the fortification, from the 16th century, has a beautiful carved shield of the kingdom of Aragon, which in its day and also in its history, belonged to the Balearic Islands in the middle of the Middle Ages.

One of the most striking buildings on the island is the church of Santo Domingo, from the sixteenth century, in which we can see three red-tiled domes. The church has a baroque interior, with a barrel vault and beautiful frescoes on the walls.

In Ibiza we also have room to museums and, the Museum of Contemporary Art, is one of the most representative of the city. In this museum we have works by Tápies and Millares, among many other painters.

The best beaches in Ibiza

There are two images that come to mind whenever we name Ibiza: party and beach (or the combination of both) If before we have been talking about the fantastic Ibiza night now, we have to do it from its splendid beaches.

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The beaches of Ibiza and the Balearic Islands as a whole, stand out for their crystalline waters. The waters of the beaches of Ibiza are completely enjoyed and it is always said that one can look at one's feet while bathing. Do you fancy a crystal bath on some beach in Ibiza? Next, we are going to name you some of the most popular of the territory:

  • Talamanca: It is very close to the urban area, therefore, access to it is very simple. It emphasizes its enormous extension and its little depth which makes it nothing dangerous besides, there are no gales, so to do water sports such as light sailing is a pleasure. This beach is very well located and is ideal to go with the little ones thanks to its low rate of danger, if it were not enough, it is not overcrowded which makes your visit much more pleasant.
  • Cala Conta: Ibiza stands out for its coves and Cala Conta, is one of the favorites for tourists. With marvelous crystalline turquoise waters, the cove of Cala Conta is irresistible for everyone, therefore, in the summer months, it is not advisable to go if you are looking for something quiet. However, the visit is required while in Ibiza.
  • Cala Salada: one of the busiest in Ibiza Cala Salada, is a very original cove because it springs directly from the forests and, in addition to bathing in its crystal clear waters, you can also enjoy an enigmatic path through the green areas. Cala Salada is one of the coves most loved by tourists so it is usually crowded in the summer months.

Ibiza has many other beaches and coves however, we are left with these three for our Ibiza guide. Without a doubt, they are a must visit.

Visiting Sant Antoni

Overview of the city of Ibiza
Panoramic of the city of Ibiza - © photocreo -

Sant Antoni, second city of IbizaIt was named after the Romans Portus Magnus because of the natural harbor. This old fishing village is today one of the most important tourist attractions of Ibiza.

The great urban development of the population means that the parish church of Sant Antoni, from the 14th century, is practically drowned in the middle of a forest of modern and high-rise hotels.

To the north of Sant Antoni, on the road to Cala Salada, is the Chapel of Saint Agnes, a Paleo-Christian temple. The discovery of this chapel was back in the 1907 year and was full of Arab weapons and fragments of ceramic objects.

It is always good to review all that we can find in the historic center of the city that we are going to visit. However, if there is something for which Ibiza stands out, it is precisely at night in Ibiza that we are going to talk at length in the next section. Do you want to know the best party places in Ibiza?

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The Night of Ibiza

Party by Ibiza
Partying in Ibiza - © Cristian Nitu -

As we have already anticipated, if there is something for which the city of Ibiza stands out, as well as for its beaches, it is for the unbridled night he has. Ibiza never rests and is that many tourists are trapped precisely because of what this place offers at night.

Locals and clubs that do not close during the night and even some, until late hours after the sunrise and arrive the day. The activity of the Ibizan night focuses on two areas: street of the Virgin, which is where we find bars and fashion stores surrounded by other, many other interesting places and the area of ​​the nightclubs.

The most important clubs have a privileged place in Ibiza: KuPacha o Amnesia (it's very popular for its foam parties) are some of the most popular They open their doors until the early hours and attract people from all over the world.

Only Ibiza It is also a place refuge of many rich and famous who find in this space, their own paradise. One point to keep in mind regarding the Ibiza night is that it is quite expensive, that is, you must have a minimum budget to be able to enjoy the night in its splendor.

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