Travel guide of the Sierra Nevada ski resort in Spain: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the ski resort of Sierra Nevada in Spain: everything basic and essential.

Ski slopes of Sierra Nevada, Spain
Ski tracks from Sierra Nevada, Spain - © Paco Ayala -

Sierra Nevada is an ideal destination for those people who love the snow and the sports that take place in it. This mountainous massif is part of the whole of the Betic mountain ranges and is famous throughout the world for the number of visits it has throughout the year.

If we want to visit Sierra Nevada First of all we should know where it is, then, when we have chosen a specific destination that we want to see before organizing the suitcase, we will have to know where to go.

Where is Sierra Nevada?

The snow-covered mountain range of Sierra Nevada is located in the Community of Andalusia, specifically in the province of Granada which is also well known for being an important tourist destination due to the rich historical heritage it has since it is, by far, one of the most economical places we can (we speak logically of Granada city)

One of the attractions that Sierra Nevada has is that its mountains are the highest in Europe after the Alpes therefore, people who like this type of escapades and landscapes, have it as a priority in the sense that they will enjoy views that have no equal.

Knowing that Sierra Nevada is located in the mountains belonging to the province of Granada we can also take the opportunity to pay a visit to the city and then directly go to play sports at the facilities that are in this mountain system.

What facilities are there in Sierra Nevada?

Panoramic of Sierra Nevada, Spain
Panoramic of Sierra Nevada, Spain - © Paco Ayala -

As any important station that boasts Sierra Nevada is full of areas where we can do sport without any risk and of course, enjoy the snow at its fullest.

The tracks that are in Sierra Nevada are very different from each other and it is that we are in a station where there are many types of tourists who are going to do sport but not all look for the same thing there, that the areas have been equipped with different levels and levels of difficulty when practicing them.

Sierra Nevada has many tracks separated by areas of which the Laguna Las Yeguas Area It is in which are the most dangerous areas and with greater difficulty at the time of throwing us to play sports in your snow. In this area, we must be very careful because we have to be very prepared and know the sport enough so that we do not suffer any kind of risks.

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In addition to the slopes, which are usually for people who have already practiced and have some demonstrable experience in snow sports, Sierra Nevada also has schools that teach skiing or snowboarding to people who want to know the sport much more closely and have a good time. Such is the case of the ski and snowboard school Free soul sierra nevada, a school somewhat different from what we are used to, since the reservation of its activities is free and is only paid at the end of the class if you have really been convinced of the service.

Just when we arrived at the Sierra in the dependencies that we found we can see the different elements for the sport that we can rent and the classes we can give to learn basic levels of the aforementioned activities.

Among the shops that are around we also have different stores where we can buy boards, gloves, hats or any other outfit we need at any given time. And also some memory!

What can we do in Sierra Nevada?

When we talk about what we can do in Sierra Nevada some answers are more than obvious and that everything that is related to snow sports has a place in this place. However, in addition to skiing we also have some leisure activities for which we do not need to know how to do this type of sport, to be able to enjoy with our friends or the whole family as a whole. You dare?

Ski slopes of Sierra Nevada, Spain
Ski slopes of Sierra Nevada, Spain - © Paco Ayala -

Russian sled: The russian sled It is a recreational facility where you can get on with your partner and take a beautiful walk on its rails. The capacity it has is for two people therefore, you can only upload with a companion. It is ideal to take a walk with your child, with a friend or your partner and also, at the end of the journey you can buy the photograph that makes you the camera that has the attraction to catch the best moments of the journey.

Recreational White Blackbird: this zone is one of the most interesting of the different dependencies that we are going to find and it is that here we have slides that go sliding by the snow, specialized bicycles also for the snow and even a target of archery. Do not you want to have a fun time with some of them?

Rink: a skating rink could not miss in such a tourist area as Sierra Nevada. If you like to skate without a doubt, this is the perfect occasion to do it because you will have a track to slide through and great views that look out over the snow and the mountains.

These are three of the essential activities to fully enjoy everything that Sierra Nevada offers us. Of course, there are many others besides, events of all kinds are also organized for specific practices.

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Where do I stay to sleep?

When we travel anywhere, in addition to knowing where the place we want to go is located, the most important thing we have to think about is where we go to sleep. In Sierra Nevada, we have numerous accommodations in which we can stay during our visit to it.

Within the set that make up the facilities of Sierra Nevada we have different hotels, cottages or hostels where we can sleep peacefully and best of all, in the same place where we are visiting. Can you imagine what it would be like to get up and see the snow from your window? In Sierra Nevada, it is possible!

As we see in a place like Sierra Nevada we have many things that we can do therefore, it is a destination where you will not get bored in the least and from which you can make many happy moments. Grab your suitcase, prepare it and spend the best vacations in one of the most charming tourist destinations on the planet!

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