Travel guide of the ski resort of Formigal in Spain: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the ski resort of Formigal in Spain: everything basic and essential.

Formigal It is a ski resort located in Huesca that, like the station of Cerler, has also had a lot of movement and has been seen in many spaces in recent times. The ski resorts are becoming a tourist attraction for those people who like the snow and feel a true passion for skiing and, as far as the province of Huesca is concerned, we know many very different ones as there is not only one in the place but we find many others that we will talk about in this space.

Where is Formigal? 

As we have already anticipated, Formigal ski resort is in Huesca and it is one of those that form the set of stations that can be seen in the mountains of this province.

Formigal station is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees which is one of the most attractive places we can see in our Iberian Peninsula and is worth visiting and, to get to it we will need a vehicle. Being located in the North of Huesca you must take the A-23 and when you reach Sabiñanigo take the A-123 that will end up taking you to Bisecas and Sallent de Gállego and you will also see another well-known ski resort, the Patincosa, which is separated from this one for about 14 kilometers apart.

What facilities are there in Formigal? 

Like any other ski resort, in Formigal you find everything you need for those who like snow. The tracks are one of the most popular terrains and, being located this station towards the North of Hueca we find that some stretches are extremely difficult and even quite dangerous.

Between the zones we find the Three Men Peak, Punta de las tres Huegas, Pico Royos or Pico Culibillas that, even being at high altitude, are the ones that appear lower and then we have places like Punta Escarra or Pala de IP that are the highest, the coldest and the most dangerous.

If we want to ski in Formigal or in any other ski resort it is good that we look before how the time will be because this will be the one who tells us what we can do and what we can not do. We must remember that ski resorts can have very dangerous areas and above all, we must be well protected.

What can we do in Formigal? 

Views of the ski resort of Formigal (Huesca, Spain)
Views of the Formigal ski resort (Huesca, Spain) © ihervas -

The ski slopes are always suitable for many types of people and, although the main thing or at least the first thing that will come to mind when we talk about a track of this type is that we find a good terrain to ski what It is true that we can also do many other interesting things.

Next, we want to let you know some of the exclusive activities that you have on this ski slope in Formigal and that is not directly related to skiing:

Ice Karting: a very fun activity that consists of driving a kart down a frozen track at your own pace. A place where you are the protagonist and you carry the controls of a car that without a doubt, you will love it. You can also do short races with your friends or with other people who are on the track.

Tubbing: activity that you can perform on a specialized track so you can descend on it with a specialized snow float. Here both adults and children can climb, so it is ideal to enjoy with the family any day of the year.

Ski resort of Aramón Formigal (Huesca, Spain)
Aramón Formigal ski resort (Huesca, Spain) © ihervas -

Snowmobile: snowmobiles are classic among the classics and all stations have them. It is one of the most powerful attractions and where you can enjoy a race or a walk in the snow with your family or partner.

Dog sledding: another classic activity where there are. Dog sledges can be found in all the snow seasons and it is a perfect time to enjoy with your family especially if you take small children with you.

Construction of igloos: in Formigal you can recreate and have fun with classic activities or also choose this way of having fun. Building an igloo in the snow not only will you spend an afternoon of the most fun but also, you can show that you are a "handyman" and that nothing can resist you and that if you had to live in the snow at any time you could build an igloo to Survive inside.

There are many activities that we can do in a space like Formigal so, you will not get bored at any time, as there are for all tastes, groups and people of all ages. Dare to discover why it is one of the most charming ski resorts!

Where to sleep in Formigal? 

In Formigal we can do many things and surely if we go through Huesca and want to know one of the best snow seasons, we will come to spend a few days or at least, to be a good time. However, there is something very important that we have to know whenever we go somewhere to travel or visit: where to sleep.

In the case of Formigal at the time of finding accommodation we will not have any problem because, considering that this station has become one of the largest ski destinations in Spain and its surroundings, they are fully equipped for our rest.

El Valley of Tena which is exactly where the Formigal station is located, has numerous places to stay. From authentic luxury spaces to hostels for students we can see in this place therefore, there is no problem since you will not only have kilometers of tracks to enjoy the snow but also, thanks to the different establishments that the area has, you can enjoy of snow also from inside the room you book.

If you want to make a hotel reservation in Formigal you have many websites on the Internet or travel agencies that will advise you on the cheapest and best located accommodation in the area.

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