Thinking of traveling to Thailand? We give you 3 tips


Thailand is one of the favorite destinations among travelers who want to know Southeast Asia, and this place hides countless landscapes and corners that will leave you with your mouth open. In fact, in this country it is possible to enjoy tropical jungles, beaches with crystal clear water, surprising temples, exquisite gastronomy and some of the best diving and snorkeling spots on the continent. 

However, organizing a circuit through an exotic country can be somewhat complicated if it is the first time you visit the destination, so we advise you to go to the Asian Destinations agency to embark on one of its organized trips to Thailand. Through the support of this company, you will receive advice before, during and after your adventure in Asia.

Therefore, the best alternative is to organize the tour in the hands of professionals, but even so, we offer you 3 fundamental tips to keep in mind. Grab a pen and paper and join me throughout this guide to make the most of your tour of Thailand.

1- Gastronomy: an essential

Thai food is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the country and one of the most recognized in Asia, and is that in addition to being exotic and surprising, it is also affordable. It is frequent to walk through the streets of Bangkok and find different street stalls among which to eat for 1 or 2 euros. In short, traveling to Thailand means tasting exquisite dishes at a low price.

2- Do not leave without visiting the islands

The islands of Thailand are a true fantasy, since the crystal clear waters of its beaches and its marine fauna present the most favorable environment for diving or snorkeling. Some of the most famous in the country and the most recommended for practicing these activities are Phuket, Koh Tao, Koh Lipe, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Samet.

3- The best time to travel to Thailand

The climate in Thailand is tropical, so it has three seasons throughout the year. First, there is the hot period -where the thermometers exceed 30ºC-, which begins in March and ends in June. Secondly, there is the cooler or more temperate period, with November to February being the best time to enjoy the country. Finally, there is the monsoon season, where from June to October the rain takes over most of the place.

4- Enjoy northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is one of the most impressive areas in the country. Precisely, a visit to the destination cannot miss some of its most important points, such as Chiang Mai, the perfect place to enjoy its temples, the historic center, night markets and trekking. Another location that you cannot miss is Chiang Rai, located in the mythical Golden Triangle, the country's border union with Laos and Thailand, as well as having the most avant-garde temples and the popular Opium Museum. Also, Mae Hong Son and the giraffe women are a must-see.

Now that you have our tips, what are you waiting for to start your trip to Thailand? Do not miss this amazing country and its exotic culture, without a doubt, it will be a trip that you will not forget.

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