Trinidad - Travel Guide of the Cuban city: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide to the city of Trinidad on the island of Cuba: all the basic and essential.

Church of Trinidad, Cuba
Church of Trinidad, Cuba (c) Can Stock Photo

This Cuban city is known as 'The City Museum of the Caribbean', and it is not for less. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations because apart from the picturesque and the beauty of the place, Trinidad It offers many possibilities to its visitors. Being bored is forbidden.

It is a coastal city of Cuba, in the province that occupies the center of the country called Sancti Spíritus. It is not very big, it does not reach the 70.000 inhabitants. Even so it is a very beautiful and at the same time curious area. If you want to learn about the history of Cuba and how it has become what it is today, Trinidad is a mandatory stop.

Have you considered visiting it? In this article you will find some interesting details that will help you plan the trip.

How to get to Trinidad

It is obvious that the first of all is to organize the journey. To go to Cuba you have several options. The plane is the most common. Near Trinidad there are two airports, the closest is the Alberto Delgado located on the outskirts of the city. One hour away on the way to the west, in Cienfuegos, is the airport Jaime González. Depending on the dates and the scales, you may be interested in one or the other, the more options you have the better, right?

You can also go in ship. Remember that Cuba is an island, so it is full of ports. To get to Trinidad You can choose the port of Cienfuegos, it is one of the best known for being qualified as 'first class' and it is also quite close to Trinidad.

As it is not about the capital of the country it is likely that you have to make several stops, but I assure you it is worth it.

Move in the city

Overview of the town of Trinidad, Cuba
Overview of the town of Trinidad, Cuba (c) Can Stock Photo

You are already in Cuba, you have arrived at the hotel and after having rested a little you fancy going out like all good Spanish. What can be done in Trinidad? And how to move?

Let's go first with transportation. Trinidad is not a city as big as capital cities, so most routes can be done on foot. In fact, that is part of its charm because you enjoy more of the details.

Another option is the rental of Bike, lately it is very fashionable in Cuban tourist cities so it is easy to find.

But if yours is motorized tourism there are several lines of urban bus (Do not be surprised when you hear Cubans say they are waiting for the bus).

If you want to visit nearby cities, such as Cienfuegos, you have the omnibus - the interurban bus - and rental cars. In general the roads are quite good, they are much better than in the neighboring countries of South America.

Things to do in Trinidad

A quiet stroll through this picturesque city makes anyone's eyes happy. Of colonial aspect, it was built between the 18th and 19th centuries, and conserves numerous buildings with the architectural style of the time. All the streets lead to the Plaza Mayor, which houses what are considered the four most important buildings in the city.

  • The parish church of the Holy Trinity, which gives its name to the city. Essential in Cuban culture, but especially for the Trinitarians.
  • The historical museum. It is in the old Cantero Palace, which increases its value and makes visiting it more interesting. You discover more than history.
  • The romantic museum. It is called a museum, but it is actually a colonial residence of the eighteenth century with fourteen rooms. It has been preserved to show how the settlers lived in the city of Trinidad. It's a wonder, as if you traveled in time.
  • The Ortiz Palace. It has become an art gallery, very interesting indeed.

Take the time to go to the center, since these are the four pillars of Trinidad. But there are more interesting things outside the historic center of the city. For example, the house of music, the architecture museum, the museum of colonial architecture (there are two different museums that are worth visiting), and the house of the Trova.

Maybe now you understand why it is called 'The Museum City'. You find museums everywhere, each one more interesting. In addition, traditional holidays They are attractive to most, as they have Spanish roots.

However you can not stop visiting the beaches of Trinidad. You're in the Caribbean, so put the swimsuit in the suitcase. Ready for the best beach in all of Cuba?

The best beaches

Beach of Trinidad, Cuba
Beach of Trinidad, Cuba (c) Can Stock Photo

The best, without a doubt, Ancón Beach. It is located to the south, like a branch that separates from the insula. Narrow and elongated it has a spectacular charm. There is a Coral barrier It offers incredible views.

It can also be said that it is another museum in the city. At the bottom of this beach there are many boats, schooners and galleons. Authentic treasures of the archeology Cuban that you can see underwater. You just have to choose one of the 30 dive sites and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of Playa Ancón.

If you have not yet started in the world of diving you can not miss this opportunity. The main hotel on this beach offers diving courses. There is no better way to start than discovering pirate ships in ancient archeology.

Where to stay and sleep in Trinidad

It has already escaped me that in Playa Ancón there is a hotel. It is one of the most visited by tourists, since being able to enjoy this wonderful beach is a luxury. It is also very close to the city, although you will need a car. If you do not have a vehicle, you can take a taxi.

If you plan to visit more Cuba and less beach, you may be interested in a hotel in the city itself. The historic center is full of hotels, some are housed in old buildings that will leave you amazed by its architecture.

Trinidad is a very special city. It is an integral part of the history of Cuba, but it is also part of our history. There our past was engraved. You will enjoy a lot discovering its charms. Why do not you look a flight to Trinidad?

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