Valdezcaray - Guide to the ski resort in Spain, all the basics and essentials


Travel guide to the Valdezcaray ski resort in Spain: all the basics and essentials.

Valdezcaray - Panoramic view of the ski resort, La rioja, Spain
Valdezcaray - Panoramic of the ski resort, La Rioja, Spain © philippe Devanne -

In the region of La Rioja we find the Valdezcaray ski resort that without becoming one of the most popular that we are in Spain certainly every year, has a greater number of visits that make this land is taking more and more form and prestige. However, this station has very important details for people to feel attracted to get here, for example, that it is a fairly accessible place, no matter where we want to go, it also increases the idea of ​​wanting to come to this place.

Despite being a small space, Valdezcaray has all kinds of facilities to enjoy the best of snow in the seasons that reward it, so you should not worry too much if you think that in this season you will not have what you are looking for.

Located in the Iberian System, in the part of the Sierra Riojana, it borders the peak of San Lorenzo, which is the highest in La Rioja and, of course, one of the reasons that makes the station one of the most interesting places.



Where is Valdezcaray?

As we have already mentioned, the ski resort of Valdezcaray It is located in La Rioja and has very good capacities to accommodate people and different sports professionals as well, as many facilities that we can enjoy.

To get to the station, we can do it in very different ways and, based on what we have said before, that one of the biggest attractions is precisely its easy access, it is great for people who are from far away or who do not have much mobility and who They still want to know how to get to this station.

The journey by car is quite simple and if you come from nearby cities the road, it will be nothing. However, if you do not want to take the car well because you are not sure or because you prefer not to do it, the station has a bus service of the most interesting with different itineraries from which you can go perfectly and without the commitment to go in your vehicle . On the other hand, the plane is also available for people who come from outside Spain or who are many kilometers away within national territory.

What facilities do we have in Valdezcaray?

As in any other ski resort, Valdezcaray It has many spaces where we can ski and its territory is equipped with different well-marked slopes and duly separated by colors that indicate as always, the level of danger that each of them have.

Among the tracks we are talking about we can see six green, six blue, ten red and two black. All of them, available to ski and spend unforgettable moments.

What can we do in Valdezcaray?

Valdezcaray - Panoramica de la estacion de esqui, La Rioja, Spain
Valdezcaray - Panoramic of the ski station, La Rioja, Spain © L. Bouvier -

As we already know, not only ski resorts and ski enthusiasts live the seasons for it, in this Valdezcaray we have many other activities that we can do and that are available for those who either do not know how to ski and change they want to be in the snow or, they like to do very varied things when they are on vacation in a place like this, so if we are thinking of going to this station it is best to take a look at everything we can do in it . You dare?

Chairlifts: One of the great classics of all the ski slopes that we know in Spain, is also in Valdezcaray. The chair lifts are a perfect opportunity to see all the mountains and places where we are skiing from a much higher perspective so that we enjoy much more than what the landscape offers us.

Snow park: If we were talking about classics among the activities we have to enjoy a ski resort without any doubt, the ski parks are other great facilities that we have and that we can enjoy especially, those people who go with children and who want to do something different and the most fun. Do you dare to try?

Ski school: If you are one of those who does not know how to ski and has gotten into a snow track without a doubt, the ski school can be an authentic salvation, because thanks to it you can learn details about how to ski and get started in the art. On the other hand, this school also has meetings of skiers and different people who are going to have fun with their favorite sport.

These are some of the main activities that you can enjoy in the ski resort of Valdezcaray so you have no excuse not to go in case you do not know how to ski.

Where to sleep in Valdezcaray?

As in any other ski resort, Valdezcaray has different offers of accommodation that will make your stay, something of the most special. Whenever we go anywhere that is not our city and we are visiting, the accommodation has to be something that we have in mind in the same way that we think about what to do or what to see in the space therefore, if what you want is to come to the ski resort of Valdezcaray you should know that you have hotels and apartments of the most welcoming for your rest.

On the other hand, you also have many spaces in which you can stay outside of what is the ski resort that, as we know, has very easy access so there will be no problem when it comes to leaving and entering it.

Apart from all the activities we can do in Valdezcaray we also have very good restaurants where we can eat and places to sit quietly, having a coffee or playing a game. The playroom is a space that is most visited by children and a safe place to enjoy for parents, so what are you waiting for?

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