Weekends in Madrid, total madness!


One more option for this summer

We know that we Spaniards are from the beach and beach bar throughout the summer.

But in the same way that non-football fans use large parties to visit museums without stress, the friends of all communities take advantage of spring-summer to go around the city of chulapos.

Today we want to propose you some idea to visit Madrid this summer and enjoy the culture of Madrid, its historic center and obviously and despite the heat, those churritos with chocolate.

In addition, now you can also make use of online mini-credits with which to cushion the economic impact of the trip in the terms that you want. Do we dance a chotis?

Food lovers

The Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid
The Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid - © Pascal06 - Fotolia.com

Even though Madrid can not boast as San Sebastián to have the highest number of Michelin stars per person, they can boast of gathering in their community a gastronomic offer difficult to match. From their spoon dishes to mythical tapas on terraces scattered throughout the capital.

In addition, having been part of a centralized system, there have been many people who emigrated "to the plateau, leaving in it the best of its gastronomy. For that reason and only giving you a tour of the center, you will see Galician restaurants, Basque pintxos, burgers of all kinds, Asturian, Catalan or Seville food. A whole medley of flavors await you in the center.

Crazy sports, Run for Madrid!

Madrid is not only the natural headquarters of Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid, it is also one of the cities with the highest number of sports facilities and of the best quality. An opportunity to meet people and enjoy your water sport away from home. If you are packing, don't forget your running shoes, your boots to play a kick, the orange ball or the bike to get to know the Sierra de Madrid and its spectacular routes.

If all this were not enough, Madrid has a remodeled Hipódromo de la Zarzuela and with competitions as beautiful as the half marathon or its version of 42 kilometers. If you want to compete and spend a weekend in Madrid, do not hesitate. Also, sure you already have a site designed for the beer afterwards.

... And of the culture!

The Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid
The Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid - © mrks_v - Fotolia.com

Surely you've heard of the Bernabéu, the long Madrid nights or the bars of La Latina, but you must not forget that Madrid is one of the cities with the greatest cultural background in the country. From the Reina Sofía, passing through the Thyssen and finishing in any of its street exhibitions or antique markets, the capital offers an extensive menu for all those who want to enjoy a weekend cultureta.

Yes, your night is mythical

Everything you've heard is surely true. Madrid has an atmosphere when night falls hardly comparable to other cities in the world. The temperature, its people, the mixture and the desire to have a good time take over a city that usually ends in the weekend with a hangover. Clubs and clubs of all sizes, bars for wine, tapas, more tapas and the occasional wine more everywhere, places to chat for hours with friends and people who never deny the opportunity to meet new people, make the night in Madrid only.

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