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Bordeaux France
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When talking about France, surely Paris and the Eiffel Tower come to mind, but you should know that there are many more attractions that are very interesting.

One of those places is Bordeaux, capital of a wine region, and an area with a lot of culture, and the typical elegance of the nation.

Thus, in addition to the wineries and the tasting of this drink, there is much to discover in Bordeaux, which is why you will need assistance to be able to visit the best places in the area and not miss a thing on your trip. For that you must choose Free Tours in Bordeaux!

Why travel to Bordeaux?

In addition to being the capital of wine and producing the best drinks in the world, Bordeaux is also a place with a lot of history that dates back to 300 BC.

Starting with the Aquitana Museum, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, the Marché des Quais market and ending with the Majolan park, these are just some of the places that make this European destination more irresistible.

Bordeaux is a beautiful city, with a port on the banks of the Garonne River, as well as lampposts, elegant facades, towers and castles. Therefore, when traveling to Bordeaux you will enjoy from very quiet walks, to historical tours and wine tastings.

What to do in Bordeaux in one day?

Bordeaux is a tourist city, so it allows to establish an ideal tour for a day. Know the details:

1. Go to the Plaza de la Bolsa. In it you can see buildings built in the XNUMXth century, the Three Graces fountain and the terrace of Le Gabriel.

2. Continue in the City of Wine. You will be able to marvel at the local wine offers and learn about ways of producing wine in Bordeaux.

3. Attend the Bordeaux Theater. Take the opportunity to watch a show in such a cultural and artistic city.

4. Take a break in Majolan Park. Get some rest and have lunch in the beauties of the most beautiful, well-known and relaxing park in the city.

5. Buy details at the Marché des Quais. This market has typical local items, so you can take home souvenirs from your trip to Bordeaux.

6. Go to the Port of the Moon. To enjoy the view of the river and cross the bridge on the banks of the Garonne.

7. See history at the Museum. Do not stop filling yourself with historical data about Bordeaux to learn more about the meaning of each space.

8. Eat in Saint Pierre. End your day visiting this neighborhood and enjoying its nightlife and streets full of restaurants and places to have fun.

Enjoy the best activities in Bordeaux with the Free Tours

The Free Tours in Bordeaux have been resumed! So you can have a guide that allows you to make your tour of the city and get to know the must-see places in Bordeaux.

There are currently 2 modes you can choose from:

Bordeaux Free Tour

It is the free tour par excellence for those who travel to the city for the first time. It lasts 2 hours, is done in small groups and aims to visit the most emblematic places (cathedrals, museums, squares and parks that we mentioned).

It shows the history and culture of Bordeaux and other details related to the essence of the city such as its typical dessert, what makes Bordeaux wine special, and which are the best restaurants to taste typical food.

Historic Wine Tour with Wine and Cheese Tasting

This is an advanced Tour that aims to obtain guidance and instruction on the local wine. Whether as an expert you want to taste and recognize flavors or you are interested in learning about it, in 2 hours and for 39 euros you can do it.

It focuses on talking about the wine history of the city, the Chartrons neighborhood will be toured and the type of grapes, manufacturing processes, the 1855 classification, among other details that delve into Bordeaux wine will be discussed.

Opting for free tours in Bordeaux will help you recognize the key points, fill you with history and make your trip a first-class cultural experience.

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