What to see in Castilla y León, rural tourism for this 2022


It is a classic that we usually see how we go crazy abroad to travel, often forgetting the beauties that we have in our own country, this is the case of a community like Castilla y León, which offers great inland tourism with a wide variety of options when it comes to enjoying our beloved vacations.

That is why today we want to leave you with some recommendations that we believe are really worth taking into account when planning to enjoy your holidays in this autonomous community, especially if you want to know what to see in Leon.

The Monastery of Santa Maria de Rioseco
The remains of the old Cistercian monastery, very well preserved, have been recently restored and can be visited free of charge throughout the year. Guided tours are offered in the summer months, but those who wish to participate in a guided tour should check the schedules on the official website.

Pedraza, the medieval town of Segovia
Pedraza is one of the most charming towns in the province of Segovia, in addition to being on the list of The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain, in 1951 its center was declared a Monumental Complex. It is easily explored on foot and one day is enough to visit its main points of interest and do one of the best things you can do in Pedraza: enjoy its gastronomy.

The route through Las Médulas in León
Three fundamental aspects characterize this area: the reddish color of its land, its capricious forms and the mixture of the previous ones with chestnut and oak forests. Walking this route, you will be able to observe the whimsical shapes of the centuries-old chestnut trees that populate its forests.

Las Tuerces, the route through the rock labyrinth of Palencia
To the northeast of the province of Palencia is Las Tuerces, one of those labyrinths that, when going through them, make you lose track of space and time. It is a unique formation in Castilla y León, consisting of a veritable labyrinth of rocky alleys, with bridges, rock setons, chasms, caves, hollows, pinnacles, visors, diaclases, lapiaces, and any other rock formation that you imagination can name.

The Alcázar of Segovia, a must without a doubt
It is a Hispano-Arabic Medieval Castle that is on the top of a hill that joins the rivers Eresma and Clamores, and is one of the most visited in all of Spain. This castle has served as a fortress, a state prison, a royal palace, a Military Historical Archive and a Royal College of Artillery.

The town of Frías and its hanging houses
In Frías a long list of historic buildings has been preserved where its castle is visible from afar dominating the town. The castle tower serves as a lookout point. We recommend you visit the Hanging Houses; a series of picturesque houses of traditional architecture that are located on a ravine. Just looking at them makes you dizzy.

Beyond the places to visit, which are many and varied, there is something for all tastes, other important points are places to stay or where to eat, the first is not worth talking about today, we will focus on the second. And it is that, not only from tripadvisor does the network live when it comes to taking advantage of the recommendations, there are other platforms such as Dondecomersano, which not only help you choose the best places where Eat Healthy but they also focus on those committed to improving the environment by managing their oil waste in a certified way, quite a surprise, right?

It has been short but intense, we hope that at least you have been curious to visit some of the places that we have mentioned and that we reinforce the local tourism that is lacking due to the pandemic that we have just experienced.

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