What to see in Madrid? Essential visits

Cathedral of the Almudena of Madrid
Cathedral of the Almudena of Madrid (c) Can Stock Photo / tomas1111

The capital of Spain

Madrid is one of the cities with the greatest tourist offer in the Spanish territory. The capital of the country hosts every year millions of tourists willing to visit some of its most emblematic places.

The beauty of its streets, its historical monuments and its cozy atmosphere are some of the main reasons to enjoy a few days of the metropolis of Madrid. To decide between the thousands of plans that can be found in the capital we propose you what to see in Madrid not to miss some of its most charming places.

The Retiro Park

Located in the center of the city, the Madrid park opened its doors to tourists in the 1868 year. Since then, this green lung has received the visit of millions of travelers who have walked through its magical corners.

One of the best known is the Big Pond, a place that has become the heart of the park with its classic rowing boats and always protected by the famous Monument to Alfonso XII. Another place with more charm is The Crystal Palace, a building that is currently destined for the exhibition of works of contemporary art.

In addition, it is one of the main examples of what is known as iron architecture in Spain, architectural style of the nineteenth century in which those new materials of the Industrial Revolution were used.

The door of the sun

The Puerta del Sol is the most famous square of the Spanish capital, an enclave that keeps emblematic buildings of the city and some of the points of interest most known by tourists. The statue of the Bear and the Madroño It is one of the most photographed places during any visit to Madrid. This bronze sculpture by the Alicante sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé was promoted by the City Council of Madrid to become a symbol of the city in 1967.

In this square is also an emblematic building for millions of Spaniards, the Royal Post Office. Its roof houses a tower where its clock stands out, known throughout the country for being the place where New Year's chimes are celebrated since the year 1962. The watch was a gift from José Rodríguez Conejero, watchmaker popularly known as Losada, who donated it to the Villa de Madrid in 1865 after the continuous failures of the previous clock.

The Gran Vía

Gran Vía is the most popular and popular avenue in Madrid. The works in the main artery of the Spanish capital began in 1910 and ended in 1929, being one of the most transcendental in the history of the national territory, because they had to demolish more than 300 houses and ended up affecting 50 streets of the city.

At present it has become one of the main commercial axes. In it you will find fashion shops, a wide range of restaurants and some of the most important international events.


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