What are the best ski slopes in Spain

Baqueira Beret - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain
Baqueira Beret - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain © Marga Mourelle - Fotolia.com

That Spain is a country of leisure and good weather, no one can doubt, perhaps what not many people know is that throughout the winter months leisure moves to the mountain areas along the dozens of ski areas that the country has. We are going to tell you some of the most outstanding ones so that later you can go to the one that seems most attractive to you.


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Located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, it had its inauguration some years ago specifically, in 1928. Neighbor of the station of Astún, is located at 27 km north of the city of Jaca.

As in any other ski resort in Spain, snow is the main attraction of these mountains. However, in these types of places you can do much more than ski:

  • Nordic ski resort:  One of the best known attractions that the Candanchú ski resort has is the section of the Nordic ski resort, which consists of a route through the most beautiful parts of the mountain that are covered in snow.
  • Snow garden: The ski resort has a snow garden at their disposal so that the little ones can have their first contact with the snow and feel at home.
  • Ski school:  Candachú has a ski school for all those who are learning or want to start in the snow.

Baqueira Beret

The ski resort of Baqueira Beret It is one of the best known that we have in our national area of ​​Spain, since being located in the North, right in the Catalan Pyrenees, it is the largest in the territory and for that reason, it has so many visits and at the highest times it is crowded to the max.

Baquerira has 6 green ski slopes, 36 blue, 29 red and 7 black, all of them very well differentiated and with superbly marked accesses so that there is no confusion.

Like many other national ski resorts, Baqueira has one of the best ski schools (J. Moga sports) where apart from learning to ski they also offer you ski rental in Baqueira as well as all the necessary equipment near the slopes.

Another of the most interesting activities that we can find in this ski resort is mountain hiking with which we can enjoy a guided route around the entire station.

Sierra Nevada

One of the attractions it has Sierra Nevada is that its mountains are the highest in Europe after the Alps, so you can enjoy views that have no equal.

The tracks that are in Sierra Nevada are very different from each other, the Laguna Las Yeguas Area is where the most dangerous areas are found and with the greatest difficulty when launching ourselves to play sports in its snow. In addition to skiing we also have some leisure activities such as:

  • The Russian sled is a recreational facility where you can get on with your partner and take a beautiful ride on its rails.
  • La Recreativa Mirlo Blanco, is one of the most interesting of the different dependencies that we are going to find and it is that here we have slides that go sliding through the snow, specialized bicycles also for snow and even an archery target .
  • The skating rink could not be missing in an area as touristy as Sierra Nevada. If you undoubtedly like to skate, this is the perfect occasion to do it as you will have a track to slide along and great views that overlook the snow and the mountains.
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