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Ypres's secrets

Monuments, museums and trenches discover the history of Ypres. In addition, its reconstructed buildings are proof of the spirit of survival of citizens.
The beautiful Belgian city of Ypres (or Ieper in Flemish) is made up of resistant constructions, as it was the scene of terrible battles that almost erased it from the map during the First World War. Although many of the buildings were almost completely destroyed, the great reconstruction efforts gave them back their original greatness. When visiting museums and monuments you will witness the consequences of war in the region, and you can enjoy the medieval atmosphere of the city. Of course, they are the necessary ingredients to spend an unforgettable holiday in Ypres.

After the war, the citizens of Belgium joined forces to rebuild historic sites with money from Germany for repairs. Ypres Market Square is surrounded by interesting Renaissance-style buildings, like the Three Taverns, three adjacent bars and cafes that have served their customers since before the war.

Among the impressive reconstructions that stand in the square is the Cloth Hall. This building was an important Flemish weaving center during the Middle Ages and was completely destroyed during the war. A visit that we recommend you take into account when looking for cheap trips to Ypres.

From the fountain located in the center of the square you can see the famous bell tower of the medieval building, a tower of 70 meters high. Its interior welcomes the museum "In the Flanders Fields", in which the devastation caused during the war is exposed. The exhibition collects photographs of the city before and after the First World War.

One of the most poignant reminders of the tragedies of war is the Menin Gate Monument. Engraved on this massive monument are the names of many of the Commonwealth soldiers who fought in Ypres and whose resting places are unknown. The list includes more than 50.000 names.

As in many other places in Belgium, Ypres shows the love for good food and gastronomy. Some of the most popular dishes in the region are mussels and french fries with mayonnaise. As an accompaniment, nothing better than a Belgian beer of the great variety that is served in the bars of the region.

Ypres is located in northwestern Belgium, near the border with France. You can easily go by road, train or plane. You can fly to Lille airport, in France, or Ostend-Bruges International Airport. Once on the mainland you can drive or take a bus to the Flanders region. Options that we have in mind when designing our vacation packages in Ypres. When you arrive, do not miss one of the daily guided tours of the battlefield: visit the trenches, the main battlefields of the First World War and the monuments of the region.

Discover Zones of Ypres

It is the different neighborhoods of a city that give it its unique and unmistakable character, and part of the fun of a vacation is to discover the secrets of each area and submerge the characteristic environment of each neighborhood. For their trips to Ypres, many guests from Spain reserve their hotel in Ypres.

When looking for a hotel in a new city, stop to think about what you want to do during your stay. Do you need to be near the financial center to attend work meetings? Are you preparing a weekend getaway and want to be able to reach all the tourist attractions on foot? Do youYou prefer a lively and dynamic area, or the tranquility of a residential neighborhood?

If you are organizing a trip to Belgium, we help you find the Ypres neighborhood that best suits your needs. Use our maps to get an overview of all the hotels and the distance of the main attractions and means of transport. You can also filter directly by area or choose an accommodation at a certain distance from a neighborhood or point of interest.

If you need inspiration for your search for hotels in Ypres, you will be interested to know that the most popular hotel is Main Street Hote.

Where to sleep in Ypres

Ypres offers 24 hotels on the websites, so you can make your reservation in the option that best suits your budget.

If you are looking for a hotel to stay in that guarantees the best services, check out Apartment Froidure, located at Oude Houtmarktstraat 2a / 2a, and Hotel Ariane, which is located at SLACHTHUISSTRAAT 58. If you are looking for something of a different style, they may call you more attention Hotel Ambrosia or Gasthof 't Zweerd.


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