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Trip to Zahara de los Atunes (Spain)

Zahara de los Atunes has become one of the paradisiacal corners of our coasts par excellence, standing at about 76 km southwest of the capital,  Cadiz, we found a small and pleasant sailor town that due to its geographical location has a climate properly considered Mediterranean but very characteristic of the area where it is in its relationship with the Atlantic Ocean.

Zahara is located on the Costa de la Luz, surrounded by a extensive golden sand beach With several distinctions awarded for its tourist quality, it belongs to the municipality of Barbate, adjoining to the north, anchored in a plain next to the sea, and surrounded by the hills of the Sierra del Retín and the Cachón river, with its neighbor Tarifa bordering by the south side.

Thousands of visitors enjoy their sunny weather practically all year round, with very high and low maximum and minimum temperatures, being one of the main virtues attributed by tourists.

Nowadays it is one of the populations most important coastal areas of Andalusia thanks in large part to the beauty and tranquility that overflow its beaches and its good weather, but you can also enjoy leisure tourism based on its countless restaurants and beach bars, where to savor delicious typical dishes of the area and, how no, of their excellent southern tapas. Also noteworthy is the great atmosphere that is breathed in the cocktail bars in its nightlife.

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Accommodation in Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz, Spain - Beach
Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz, Spain - Beach (c) Can Stock Photo

Zahara de los Atunes is a tourist center characterized by the beauty of nature, peace and a variety of entertainment that you will love with the possibility of doing activities as a couple, with friends and family.

When visiting this town you have at your disposal a wide range of hotels, villas and apartments, proposals framed in an excellent service and attention to the guest.

Search a good apartment in Zahara de los Atunes It can get a bit complicated in times of maximum influx of tourists, we already warn you in advance, so be forewarned and anticipate in the reservation especially if we talk about the months of July and August.

How can I get to Zahara de los Atunes?

In order to access this coastal town of Cádiz and discover part of its fascinating proposal, we can reach it through various means, both by plane and by car and train, for the convenience of all visitors and tourists.

Travel by train, the nearest stations are those of San Fernando and Cádiz capital in a radius of between 45 and approximately 60 km, being the station of RENFE de Sevilla the furthest, at a distance of about 150 kilometers from the coast.

Travel by car, probably the most used option, especially by the same Andalusians who travel to enjoy the golden sands. The entrance to the town is done in the north, overcoming the population of Vejer de la Frontera to go to Barbate, and finally follow the indications that mark us until we reach Zahara. 

Travel by airplane, the medium most used by foreign visitors. The two airports closest to the fishing population are Gibraltar, located about 65km away (you can travel from Madrid) and Jérez de la Frontera, north of Cádiz, located about 80 kilometers.

To move around the town you can use the bus company that works in the area or use the local taxi service. Another more sustainable option is to make trips through the different bicycle rental options, or use our own vehicle, either motorcycle or car.

What are the best beaches in Zahara? 

Playa de Canuelos, Cádiz, Spain in Zahara de los Atunes
Playa de Canuelos, Cádiz, Spain in Zahara de los Atunes © Q -

The fabulous golden sand beach with a width of 100 meters to the sea and extending around 8 kilometers in length from the village to Atlanterra is divided into different beaches and coves that allow us to enjoy different moments, depending on whether we want to take advantage of it. family or in couple.

The beach of the bunker, the cove of the Germans, the beach of Atlanterra or the beach of the Cañuelo are also part of its extension, in addition to the main beach of the town, known as the beach of the Virgen del Carmen. It is a tourist reference given its extraordinary environmental conservation, considered with "Blue flag"For fulfilling a series of environmental conditions and awarded with the distinctive of great tourist quality"Q".

Zahara de los Atunes Beach or Virgen del Carmen Beach

Ideal to enjoy in family and with children, is located in the same town, with an extension of 5km, with several beach bars available, surrounded by the promenade and where we can observe curiously a beached steam boat (Gibralfaro) a few meters from the shore.

Where can I stay in Zahara de los Atunes?

This charming corner of the south of Cádiz with its undeniable natural attraction has suffered in recent years an important phenomenon of second home, a fact that encourages the rental of many apartments throughout the season in the same town. From cheap hostels, to group homes or apartments with sea views.

The alternative to stay in hotels is to approach the tourist urbanization of Atlanterra which, although it belongs to the tourist term of Tarifa, is very close to the town, in fact it is only accessible from the same Zahara de los Atunes and is a continuous part of the extension of its huge beach.

What can I do in Zahara de los Atunes?

Zahara presents endless tourist possibilities, whether your idea is to make a leisure tourism or if you intend to make your visit in a relaxing way.

At the moment it has been erected in a very attractive tourist point, since it is not usually crowded and it can be visited in almost all the seasons of the year, being the most recommended spring and autumn.

To start you must know its wonderful beaches, where you can enjoy great sunsets and you can observe a little more closely the African continent. 

What other interesting things can I do in Zahara?

Undoubtedly, the great attraction that this town presents are its beaches, but it also exhibits multiple possibilities for leisure and fun.

Enjoy the spectacular gastronomy of Zahara, it is worth noting its well-known fame for the products of the sea, the tuna obviously as the most outstanding, but also appealing Retinto meat. The corresponding events are held in the months of April and September.

Have fun performing sport in Zahara, the different modalities in water sports that you can enjoy such as surfing, kitesurfing or diving stand out.

Delight yourself with a sunset in Zahara, its impressive sunsets will make you remember that you should not forget your camera, without a doubt, a great picture to collect as a souvenir.


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